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The ohio match

OHIO Match Logo_Color With The OHIO Match, the University's Undergraduate Scholarship Matching Program, you can help us bring the best and brightest minds to Ohio University – and keep them here! In the face of dwindling state support and rising interest rates for student loans, future Bobcats are depending on us to help bridge the gap and keep tuition costs down.

To that end, we have dedicated $25 million to strengthen the University’s endowed scholarship program. For a limited time, we are using these funds to match 50 percent of EVERY donation committed to eligible scholarship endowments.*

Private funds provide the lion's share of scholarship dollars for OHIO students, and as an institution, one of our core missions is to provide access and opportunity to any student seeking an education. With our combined efforts, we can reach that goal.


To read more about the Scholarship Matching Program, please click HERE.

Your gift to scholarships will support the University's most precious resource: its students.

Did you know that your gift in support of scholarships for OHIO students on the Athens campus could be matched 50¢ on the dollar?

*Click HERE for Scholarship Matching Program Criteria.


 Endowment Gift/Pledge   Ohio Match   Total Endowment   Annual Award*
  $25,000   $12,500   $37,500   $1,500
  $67,000   $33,500   $100,500   $4,000
  $100,000   $50,000   $150,000   $6,000
  $200,000   $100,000   $300,000   $12,000
  $250,000   $125,000   $375,000   $15,000
  $400,000   $200,000   $600,000   $24,000


* Annual Award is projected and represents a 4 percent spending allocation based upon a 36-month rolling average of the endowment’s value. Actual award amounts are contingent upon pledge payment schedule and market performance.

Scholarship Matching Program examples