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College of Arts & Sciences
Into Hip Hop

Dr. Akil Houston is a filmmaker, DJ, social critic, and one of the nation's most authentic Hip-Hop scholars.

We march for hope not hate protest poster
Defeat Ignorance

Shedding light on female agency, which has been historically overlooked.

At Work

As a labor historian, Dr. Robin Muhammad studies workers, their communities and their political institutions.

Beyond Harlem
Beyond Harlem

Dr. Gary E. Holcomb is an internationally recognized scholar of the Harlem Renaissance, Queer Black Marxism, transnational and transatlantic modernism, and Black countercultural literature.

In America

African American cultural products are one of the United States' major exports and a major component of America's popular culture.

On Health Care

Dr. Patricia Gunn combines her experience as a lawyer in the U.S. Department of Justice with her research interests in health care as a human rights issue.

College of Arts & Sciences