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College of Arts & Sciences

Presidential Teacher Awards

Presidential Teachers are chosen from among tenured full-time faculty nominated by Ohio University students, alumni, or peers. Selection is based on excellence in teaching and meritorious academic pursuits both inside and outside the classroom. Innovative teaching efforts, curriculum development, mentoring students and fellow faculty members, and scholarship are among the areas considered. Many of the recipients are from the College of Arts & Sciences, including:

  • Bob Klein, Mathematics 2014-2017
  • Haley Duschinski, Sociology and Anthropology 2013-2016
  • Sarah Wyatt, Environmental & Plant Biology 2013-2016
  • Harvey Ballard, Ph.D., Environmental and Plant Biology, 2011-15
  • Nancy Tatarek, Ph.D., Anthropology, 2011-15
  • Emilia Alonso Sameno, Ph.D., Spanish, 2012-16

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