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College of Arts & Sciences

Nationally Recognized People and Programs


Dr. David Ingram in the Edwards Accelerator Laboratory

  • A Nobel Prize-winning alum
  • Experiments with NASA
  • A professor quoted almost daily
  • Editors of peer-reviewed journals
  • Award-winning authors
  • Experts on the development of the universe, the evolution of the Earth, the history of the modern world, and developmental issues confronting 21st century society

Ohio University is a high-activity research institution, and much of that scholarship and research activity originates in the College of Arts & Sciences. As higher education measures scholarship, the college’s faculty measure up:

  • Hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Dozens of scholarly and creative books
  • Millions of dollars in funding from federal and state agencies and foundations
  • Ph.D. programs in the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities

And something you don’t see very often at a research university:

  • Hundreds of undergraduate students working in labs and in the field, co-publishing with faculty, and creating original work

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College of Arts & Sciences