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College of Arts & Sciences


African American Studies
Dr. Robin Mohammed

Robin D. Muhammad

Chair and Associate Professor 31 S. Court Street, Suite 127

Patricia C. Gunn

Associate Professor of Law 31 S. Court Street, Suite 122
Gary Holcomb, wearing sunglasses

Gary Edward Holcomb

Professor of African American Literature 31 S. Court Street, Suite 122

Akil Houston

Associate Professor of Cultural and Media Studies 31 S. Court Street, Suite 122
Dr. Bayyinah Jeffries

Bayyinah Jeffries

Associate Professor 31 S. Court St.
Dr. Daniel Moak

Daniel Moak

Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences
Robert Colvin, portrait in lab

Robert A. Colvin

Professor & Chair Life Science Building 219 and Irvine 112
Bekka Brodie portrait in the woods

Bekka S. Brodie

Visiting Assistant Professor Wilson West (Research Wing) 302 (office) and 307 (lab)
Ronan Carroll, portrait in lab

Ronan Carroll

Assistant Professor Life Science Building 211
Lisa Crockett in winter gear for research

Lisa Crockett

Professor Wilson 103
Mitch Day

Mitchell Day

Assistant Professor Life Sciences Building 241
Janet Duerr in her lab with microscope

Janet Duerr

Associate Professor Life Science Building 221
Dr. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster

Associate Lecturer Irvine 202
Christine Griffin

Christine Griffin

Associate Lecturer Irvine 062
Molly Gurien, outdoor portrait

Molly Gurien

Senior Lecturer Irvine 318

William R. Holmes

Professor Emeritus Wilson 011
Donald Holzschu, portrait in lab

Donald Holzschu

Associate Professor Life Sciences Building 239

Scott Hooper

Professor Wilson Hall West 013
Dr. Joseph Johnson

Joseph Johnson

Assistant Professor Irvine 310
Kelly Johnson, outdoors portrait

Kelly Johnson

Associate Professor Wilson 101
Shawn Kuchta

Shawn Kuchta

Associate Professor Life Science Building 233
Daewoo Lee against a wall of red bricks

Daewoo Lee

Professor Life Sciences Building 213
Anne Loucks, portrait in office

Anne Loucks

Professor Irvine 053A
Karen Mammone, portrait taken outside with her a starfish

Karen Mammone

Senior Lecturer Irvine 058
Donald Miles, informal portrait

Donald Miles

Professor Life Sciences Building 131
Stephanie Miller, portrait in her office

Stephanie Miller

Lecturer & STEMstart Co-Director Irvine 056
Molly Morris

Molly R. Morris

Professor Life Science Building 243
Corinne Nielsen

Corinne Nielsen

Assistant Professor
Erin O'Brien, outdoors portrait

Erin O'Brien

Visiting Assistant Professor Irvine 061
Anna Perez, portrait in office

Anne Perez

Lecturer Irvine 175
Dr. Viorel D. Popescu

Viorel Popescu

Assistant Professor Irvine 423
Steve Reilly, outdoor portrait

Stephen M. Reilly

Professor Emeritus Life Science Building 129
Willem Roosenburg, in hat and yellow vest, holding a turtle

Willem Roosenburg

Professor Life Sciences Building 247
Laura Saltman

Laura H. Saltman

Lecturer Irvine Hall 060
Chris Schwirian, outdoor portrait

Christopher Schwirian

Senior Lecturer Irvine 066
Portrait of Tomohiko Sugiyama in his office

Tomohiko Sugiyama

Associate Professor Life Science Building 223
Soichi Tanda, portrait while teaching

Soichi Tanda

Associate Professor Life Sciences Building 215
Nathan Weyand

Nathan Weyand

Assistant Professor Life Science Building 109
Matt White, portrait in specimen lab

Matthew White

Professor Emeritus Wilson West 201
Kelly Williams, looking down and wearing hat

Kelly Williams

Lecturer 430 Irvine Hall
Biological Sciences Emeriti

Ralph DiCaprio

Professor Emeritus Life Sciences Building 221

R. Patrick Hassett

Associate Professor Emeritus Wilson 202

Scott Moody

Professor Emeritus Irvine 318

Ellengene Peterson

Professor Emerita Wilson 017

Jerome Rovner

Professor Emeritus

Michael Rowe

Professor Emeritus Wilson 013

Sue Simon-Westendorf

Professor Emerita Irvine 185
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Stephen Bergmeier

Stephen C. Bergmeier

Professor & Chair Clippinger 277
Dr. Phyllis Arthaser

Phyllis Arthasery

Assistant Professor Clippinger 179
Dr. Rebecca Barlag

Rebecca (Becky) Barlag

Associate Lecturer and Director of B.S. Forensic Chemistry Clippinger 249A
Corey Beck

Corey Beck

Assistant Professor Clippinger 175
Jixin Chen

Jixin Chen

Assistant Professor Clippinger 271-C
Katherine Cimatu

Katherine Cimatu

Associate Professor Clippinger 295A
Dr. Howard D. Dewald

Howard D. Dewald

Professor, Associate Provost for Faculty & Academic Planning Clippinger 392
Jules Guei

Jules Guei

Assistant Professor in Analytical and Forensic Chemistry Clippinger 249B
Michael Held

Michael Held

Associate Professor Biochemistry Research Facility Room 118, 350 W. State St.
Klaus Himmeldirk, shown in his lab

Klaus Himmeldirk

Senior Lecturer Clippinger 292
Jennifer Hines

Jennifer V. Hines

Professor Biochemistry Research Facility
Justin Holub

Justin M. Holub

Associate Professor Biochemistry Research Facility Room 108, 350 W. State St.
Heather Hopgood

Heather Hopgood

Lecturer Clippinger 378
Michael Jensen

Michael P. Jensen

Associate Professor Clippinger 276
Marcia Kieliszewski

Marcia Kieliszewski

Professor Biochemistry Research Facility Room 110
Dr. Tadeusz Malinski

Tadeusz Malinski

Marvin & Ann Dilley White Chair and Distinguished Professor Biochemistry Research Laboratory, 350 W. State St.
Eric Masson

Eric Masson

Roenigk Chair and Associate Professor, Graduate Chair Clippinger 181
Lauren McMills, in her office

Lauren E. H. McMills

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Chair Clippinger 345
Mark C. McMills

Mark C. McMills

Associate Professor Clippinger 380
Frazier Nyasulu

Frazier Nyasulu

Associate Professor Clippinger 065
Shadrick I. M. Paris

Shadrick I. M. Paris

Associate Professor Clippinger 177
Hugh Richardson
Anthony Stender in his office

Anthony S. Stender

Assistant Professor Clippinger 175
Andrew Tangonan

Andrew Tangonan

Assistant Professor & NMR Manager Clippinger 390
Jessica White in her office

Jessica K. White

Assistant Professor Clippinger 379
Travis White in lab with rainbow-colored laser

Travis A. White

Assistant Professor Clippinger 392
Dr. Shiyong Wu

Shiyong Wu

Professor Clippinger 249A
Chemistry & Biochemistry Emeriti
Dr. Jared Butcher

Jared Butcher

Associate Professor Emeritus Clippinger 391
David Hendricker

David Hendricker

Professor Emeritus Clippinger 249B
Dr. Gary V. Pfeiffer

Gary V. Pfeiffer

Associate Professor Emeritus Clippinger 249B
Dr. Paul D. Sullivan

Paul D. Sullivan

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry Clippinger 249B
James Y. Tong

James Y. Tong

Professor Emeritus & Chair, Forensic Chemistry Advisory Committee Clippinger 245

Gene Westenbarger

Associate Professor Emeritus Clippinger 249B
Classics & World Religions

William Owens

Associate Professor & Chair Ellis 234
James Andrews

James Andrews

Associate Professor Ellis 240

Neil Bernstein

Professor Ellis 243
Tom Carpenter

Tom Carpenter

Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Lisa Carson

Assistant Professor (part-time)

Brian Collins

Associate Professor and Drs. Ram and Sushila Gawande Chair in Indian Religion and Philosophy Ellis 245

Cory Crawford

Associate Professor Ellis 241
Dr. Fred Drogula

Fred Drogula

Charles J. Ping Professor of Humanities and Professor of Classics Ellis 242

Steve Hays

Associate Professor Ellis 239
Loren Lybarger

Loren Lybarger

Associate Professor Ellis 248

Neville McFerrin

Visiting Assistant Professor Ellis 247

Ruth Palmer

Associate Professor Ellis 244

Myrna Perez Sheldon

Assistant Professor Ellis 246

William Shambora

Associate Professor, Department Chair Bentley Annex 357

Joshua Austin

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex 333
Christina Curley

Christina Beers

Lecturer 307 Bentley Annex

Olga Belskaya

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex 351

Roy Boyd

Professor Bentley Annex 315

Bolong Cao

Associate Professor Bentley Annex 331

Khosrow Doroodian

Professor & Director of the MFE Program Bentley Annex 364

Roberto Duncan

Associate Professor Bentley Annex 349

Glenn Dutcher

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex 335

Shamila A. Jayasuriya

Associate Professor Bentley Annex 325

Chulho Jung

Professor Bentley Annex 353

Daniel Karney

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex 323

Aziza Kibonge

Adjunct Professor Bentley Annex 311

Vahe Lskavyan

Associate Professor Bentley Annex 321

Tia McDonald

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex 309

Julia Paxton

Professor Bentley Annex 329
Dr. Cortney Rodet

Cortney Rodet

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex 313

James Stotter

Adjunct Professor Bentley Annex 313
Dr. Patricia Toledo

Patricia Toledo-Torres

Associate Professor Bentley Annex 345

Harold M. Winter

Professor Bentley Annex 355
Economics Emeritus

Rosemary Rossiter

Professor Emerita Bentley Annex 347

Richard Vedder

Distinguished Professor of Economics Emeritus Bentley Annex 316
Linda Rice in her office

Linda J. Rice

Professor & Chair; Director of the Master of Arts in English Online for High School Teachers Ellis 230

Ellee Achten

Instructor Lindley N278

Marilyn Atlas

Professor Ellis 366

Lori Baker

Instructor Lindley N278
Edmond Chang, posed by window

Edmond Y. Chang

Assistant Professor Ellis 331

Joan Connor

Professor Ellis 334

Kent Corbin

Instructor Lindley N278

Donald Dudding

Instructor Ellis 308

Heather Edwards

Associate Lecturer Ellis 305
Loreen L. Giese

Loreen L. Giese

Professor Ellis 336

Sherrie Gradin

Professor & Director, Appalachian Writing Project Ellis 359

Deni Hackworth

Instructor Lindley N278

Mark Halliday

Professor Ellis 370

Jeffrey Hanson

Instructor Lindley N278

George Hartley

Professor Ellis 319

Kim Holcomb

Instructor Lindley N278
Jessica Hollis

Jessica Hollis

Assistant Professor Ellis 317
Dr. Mara Holt

Mara Holt

Professor & Director of Composition Ellis 232

Mary Kate Hurley

Assistant Professor Ellis 307

Jill P. Ingram

Associate Professor Ellis 303

Paul C. Jones

Samuel and Susan Crowl Professorship in English Literature Ellis 351

Elizabeth Godke Koonce

Assistant Professor & Undergraduate Advising Coordinator Ellis 228

Eric LeMay

Associate Professor Ellis 337

Joseph McLaughlin

Associate Professor Ellis 357
Dinty Moore

Dinty W. Moore

Professor and Director of Creative Writing Ellis 333

Ghirmai Negash

Professor Ellis 344

Patrick O'Keeffe

Associate Professor Ellis 329

Talinn Phillips

Associate Professor Ellis 345

Beth Quitslund

Professor & Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate College Ellis 349

Nicole Reynolds

Associate Professor Ellis 355

Allison Ricket

Instructor Lindley N278

J. Allyn Rosser

Professor Ellis 361

Colleen Ruggieri

Assistant Professor Ellis 313

Rachael Ryerson

Lecturer and Assistant Director of Composition Ellis 328

David Sanders

Assistant Professor Ellis 371

Thomas Scanlan

Associate Professor Ellis 325

Ryan P. Shepherd

Assistant Professor Ellis 311

Paul Shovlin

Lecturer Ellis 367

Lia Silver

Instructor Lindley N278

Amritjit Singh

Langston Hughes Professor of English and African American Studies Ellis 330

Carey Snyder

Associate Professor Ellis 353
Bianca Spriggs, performing at the microphone

Bianca Spriggs

Assistant Professor Ellis 309

Matthew Stallard

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Director Ellis 229
Elizabeth Thompson

Elizabeth Thompson

Associate Professor of Instruction Lindley N267

David Wanczyk

Editor of New Ohio Review and Coordinator for Special Programs Bentley Annex 302

Valorie A. Worthy

Senior Lecturer Ellis 368

Linda Zionkowski

Professor & Director of Graduate Studies Ellis 231
Environmental & Plant Biology
Allan Showalter

Allan M. Showalter

Professor & Department Chair Porter Hall 504

Harvey Ballard

Professor & Internships Coordinator Porter Hall 406
Sarah C. Davis

Sarah C. Davis

Research Associate Professor 224 Bldg. 22, The Ridges
Jared DeForest

Jared DeForest

Associate Professor Porter Hall 419
Dr. Ahmed Faik

Ahmed Faik

Associate Professor & Graduate Chair Porter Hall 512
Zhihua Hua

Zhihua Hua

Assistant Professor Porter Hall
Glenn Matlack

Glenn Matlack

Associate Professor Porter Hall 405
Dr. Brian McCarthy

Brian C. McCarthy

Professor & Associate Dean for Faculty, Graduate Studies and Research Wilson Hall Administrative 207
David Rosenthal

David Rosenthal

Associate Professor Porter Hall 309A
Dr. Rebecca S. Snell

Rebecca S. Snell

Assistant Professor Porter Hall 411
Kim Thompson

Kim M. Thompson

Lecturer Porter Hall 315
Arthur Trese

Arthur Trese

Associate Professor Porter Hall 423
Morgan Vis

Morgan L. Vis

Professor Porter Hall 400
Sarah Wyatt

Sarah Wyatt

Professor & Director of Molecular & Cellular Biology Porter Hall 508
Environmental & Plant Biology Emeritus
Philip D. Cantino

Philip D. Cantino

Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 433
James C. Cavender

James C. Cavender

Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 307C
Gene Mapes

Gene K. Mapes

Associate Professor Emerita
Gar W. Rothwell

Gar W. Rothwell

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 307B
Ivan K. Smith

Ivan K. Smith

Professor Emeritus
Irwin A. Unger

Irwin A. Ungar

Professor Emeritus
Dorothy Sack, closeup shot on portrait background

Dorothy Sack

Professor & Department Chair Clippinger 122A
Timothy Anderson

Timothy G. Anderson

Associate Professor and Graduate Chair Clippinger 116
Geoffrey Buckley

Geoffrey L. Buckley

Professor Clippinger 104
James M. Dyer, Ph.D.

James M. Dyer

Professor Clippinger 112
Ryan Fogt

Ryan Fogt

Associate Professor and Scalia Lab Director Clippinger 113 and Scalia Lab Clippinger 402B
Michael Hollingsworth

Michael Hollingsworth, Esq.

Visiting Assistant Professor
Jana Houser

Jana Houser

Associate Professor Clippinger 145
Brad Jokisch

Brad D. Jokisch

Associate Professor Clippinger 114
Yeong Kim standing against wall of purple flowers

Yeong-Hyun Kim

Associate Professor Clippinger 105B
James Lein, shown by a lake in the mountains

James K. Lein

Professor Clippinger 107
Amy Lynch

Amy Lynch

Assistant Professor Clippinger 103A
Ana Mojica Myers

Ana Mojica Myers

Instructor Clippinger 103B
Harold Perkins with mountains in the background

Harold Perkins

Associate Professor and Undergraduate Chair Clippinger 109
Gaurav Sinha, shown along lakeshore with city in background

Gaurav Sinha

Associate Professor Clippinger 105A
Tom Smucker

Thomas Smucker

Associate Professor Clippinger 111
Dr. E. Edna Wangui

E. Edna Wangui

Associate Professor Clippinger 106
Risa Whitson

Risa Whitson

Associate Professor and Curriculum Chair Clippinger 110 and 31 S. Court St.
Geological Sciences

Gregory S. Springer

Associate Professor & Chair 316 Clippinger Laboratories

Douglas Green

Associate Professor Emeritus 204 Clippinger Laboratories
Dr. Daniel Hembree

Dan Hembree

Professor & Graduate Chair Clippinger Laboratories 207

David Kidder

Retired Associate Professor
Dr. Eung Seok Lee

Eung Seok Lee

Associate Professor 307 Clippinger Laboratories

Dina López

Professor 306 Clippinger Laboratories

Keith Milam

Associate Professor 213 Clippinger Laboratories

Gregory C. Nadon

Associate Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator 203 Clippinger Laboratories

R. Damian Nance

Distinguished Professor Emeritus 208 Clippinger Laboratories

Alycia L. Stigall

Professor 210 Clippinger Laboratories

Katherine Jellison

Professor & Chair 429 Bentley Annex
Ziad Abu-Rish

Ziad Abu-Rish

Assistant Professor 403 Bentley Annex

Patrick Barr-Melej

Professor 435 Bentley Annex
John Brobst

John Brobst

Associate Professor Bentley Annex
Dr. Michele Clouse

Michele Clouse

Associate Professor 431 Bentley Annex
T. David Curp

T. David Curp

Associate Professor 421 Bentley Annex
Mariana Dantas

Mariana Dantas

Associate Professor Bentley Annex
Dr. Joshua Hill

Joshua Hill

Associate Professor & Director of Undergraduate Studies 413 Bentley Annex

Alec G. Holcombe

Assistant Professor 405 Bentley Annex
Dr. Robert Ingram

Robert G. Ingram

Professor 415 Bentley Annex
portrait of Victoria Lee

Victoria Lee

Assistant Professor Bentley Annex

Kevin Mattson

Connor Study Professor of Contemporary History Bentley Annex

Jaclyn Maxwell

Associate Professor 453 Bentley Annex
Paul C. Milazzo

Paul C. Milazzo

Associate Professor 449 Bentley Annex

Steven Miner

Professor Sing Tao 115

Chester Pach

Associate Professor Bentley Annex
Assan Sarr

Assan Sarr

Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies 407 Bentley Annex
Brian Schoen

Brian Schoen

Associate Professor, Assistant Department Chair, & Director of the Masters of Social Sciences 433 Bentley Annex
Dr. Miriam Shadis

Miriam Shadis

Associate Professor 455 Bentley Annex
Ingo Trauschweizer, portrait

Ingo Trauschweizer

Professor & Director of Contemporary History Institute 451 Bentley Annex
Dr. Kevin Uhalde

Kevin Uhalde

Associate Professor & History Pre-Law Advisor 423 Bentley Annex
Jacqueline Wolf, portrait

Jacqueline Wolf

Professor of the History of Medicine 302 Grosvenor Hall
Mirna Zakić

Mirna Zakić

Associate Professor Bentley Annex
History Emeriti
Marvin Fletcher

Marvin Fletcher

Professor, Retired 416 Bentley Annex
William H. Frederick

William H. Frederick

Professor, Retired 423 Bentley Annex
Alonzo L. Hamby

Alonzo L. Hamby

Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History 206 Brown House
Dr. David Bell

David Bell

Associate Professor & Chair Gordy 383C
Mohamed Amira, photo taken outside

Mohamed Amira

Arabic Language Program Coordinator Gordy 359
Dawn Bikowski, speaking a lecturn

Dawn Bikowski

Director of the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 367
Lu Cao, portrait

Lu Cao

Lecturer – Chinese Gordy 356
Gabriela Castañeda-Gleason

Gabriela Castañeda-Gleason

Lecturer, Linguistics Gordy 379
Becky Challenger in her office

Rebecca "Becky" Challenger

Associate Lecturer in Ohio Program of Intensive English, Academic Coordinator Gordy 149
Christine Moon Cho, portrait

Christine Moon Cho

Visiting Assistant Professor Gordy 369
Ayako Deguchi

Ayako Deguchi

Lecturer – Japanese Gordy 345
Dr. Chris Hitchcock

Chris Hitchcock

Lecturer in the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 363
Soomin Jwa, portrait

Soomin Jwa

Visiting Assistant Professor Gordy 349
Joung Hee Krzic, portrait

Joung Hee Krzic

Lecturer – Japanese Gordy 353
Gerry Krzic, seated in his office

Gerry Krzic

Director of Ohio Program of Intensive English Gordy 155E
Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee

Associate Lecturer of Linguistics and Assistant Director of the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 377
Edna Lima

Edna Lima

Lecturer in the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 371
Art Oestrike

Art Oestrike

Lecturer in the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 383
Dr. Hiroyuki Oshita

Hiroyuki Oshita

Associate Professor of Linguistics & Graduate Chair, Japanese Coordinator Gordy 373
Dr. Michelle O’Malley

Michelle O’Malley

Assistant Professor of Linguistics & Undergraduate Chair Gordy 375
Keira Park

HyoJung Keira Park

Lecturer in the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 360
Aaron Schwartz

Aaron Schwartz

Associate Lecturer of OPIE, Technology Coordinator Gordy 145
Sudiman, portrait

(Fnu) Sudiman

Southeast Asia Project Instructor for the Online Joint-Certificate Program Gordy 342
Liang Tao, portrait

Liang Tao

Professor of Linguistics & Chinese Coordinator Gordy 365
Dr. Chris Thompson

Chris Thompson

Associate Professor Gordy 351
Dr. Lara Wallace

Lara Wallace

Senior Lecturer in the English Language Improvement Program Gordy 347
Dr. Lisa Weyand, portrait outdoors

Lisa Weyand

Online Coordinator Gordy 342
E. Todd Eisworth

E. Todd Eisworth

Associate Professor & Chair 321C/315E Morton
Sergiu Aizicovici

Sergiu Aizicovici

Professor 537 Morton Hall
Lanre Akinyemi

Lanre Akinyemi

Visiting Assistant Professor
Alexander Arhangel'skii

Alexander Arhangel'skii

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Frank Ballone

Frank Ballone

Visiting Assistant Professor 146 Morton Hall
Mark Barsamian

Mark Barsamian

Associate Lecturer & Coordinator of Math 1350 Survey of Calculus Morton Hall Room 538
Rida Benhaddou

Rida Benhaddou

Assistant Professor 563 Morton Hall
Marcel Bischoff in an outdoor setting

Marcel Bischoff

Assistant Professor Morton 521
Erik Boczko

Erik Boczko

Lecturer & Coordinator of MATH 1300 548 Morton Hall
Kelly Bubp

Kelly Bubp

Lecturer 554 Morton Hall
Steven Chapin

Steven Chapin

Assistant Professor 541 Morton Hall
Jeffrey Connor

Jeffrey Connor

Professor Emeritus 517 Morton Hall
Alexei Davydov

Alexei Davydov

Associate Professor 519 Morton Hall
Klaus Eldridge

Klaus Eldridge

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Yaqin Feng

Yaqin Feng

Assistant Professor 556 Morton Hall
Adam H. Fuller

Adam Fuller

Assistant Professor Morton Hall 561

Ellery Golos

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Archil Gulisashvili

Archil Gulisashvili

Professor 555 Morton Hall
Allyson H. Hallman-Thrasher

Allyson Hallman-Thrasher

Associate Professor McCracken 309S/Morton 550
Monica Hilverding

Monica Hilverding

Associate Lecturer 528 Morton Hall
Surender K. Jain

Surender K. Jain

Distinguished Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Winfried Just

Winfried Just

Professor 315C Morton Hall
William E. Kaufman

William E. Kaufman

Assistant Professor (Retired)
Robert M. Klein

Robert M. Klein

Associate Professor and Interim Dean of Ohio University Eastern 315D Morton Hall
Wei Lin

Wei Lin

Associate Professor 527 Morton Hall
Sergio Lopez-Permouth

Sergio Lopez-Permouth

Professor 315A Morton Hall

Paul Scott Malcom

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Cyrus Mehr

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Vardges Melkonian

Vardges Melkonian

Associate Professor 543 Morton Hall
Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Martin J. Mohlenkamp

Associate Professor & Vice Chair 315B Morton Hall
Nicolai Pavel

Nicolai Pavel

Professor Emeritus
Blake Regan

Blake Regan

Lecturer Stocker 143

M.S.K. Sastry

Associate Professor Emeritus (Retired)
Tatiana Savin

Tatiana Savin

Professor & Graduate Chair 525 Morton Hall
Steve Shadik

Steve Shadik

Visiting Assistant Professor Stocker Engineering Center 141

Xiaoping A. Shen

Professor 571 Morton Hall

James Shirey

Associate Professor (Retired)
Premjit Singh

Premjit Singh

Associate Professor & Coordinator of Math 1200 540 Morton Hall

Larry Snyder

Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Mary Anne Swardson

Associate Professor Emerita
Mai Tran

Mai Tran

Part Time Instructor
Vladimir Uspenskiy

Vladimir Uspenskiy

Professor 559 Morton Hall
Dinh Van Huynh

Dinh Van Huynh

Professor 573 Morton Hall

Vladimir Vinogradov

Professor 579 Morton Hall
Shih-liang Wen

Shih-Liang Wen

Professor Emeritus (Retired)

Tom Wolf

Professor Emeritus (Retired) Morton 517
Qiliang Wu, portrait in office

Qiliang Wu

Assistant Professor Morton 552
Todd Young in front of a chalkboard

Todd Young

Professor & Undergraduate Chair 547 Morton Hall
Dr. John W. Bender

John W. Bender

Professor & Chair Ellis 220
Dr. Alyssa Bernstein, portrait

Alyssa R. Bernstein

Associate Professor Ellis 209
Robert Briscoe in outdoors photo

Robert Briscoe

Professor Ellis 219
Scott Carson

Scott Carson

Associate Professor Ellis 210
Dr. Philip Ehrlich

Philip Ehrlich

Professor Ellis 211
Christoph Hanisch, portrait

Christoph Hanisch

Assistant Professor Ellis 212
Yoichi Ishida, portrait

Yoichi Ishida

Assistant Professor Ellis 215
Alfred Lent, portrait

Alfred Lent

Senior Lecturer Ellis 217
Jeremy Morris, portrait

Jeremy Morris

Associate Lecturer Ellis 214
Dr. James Petrik

James Petrik

Associate Professor & Graduate Chair Ellis 218
Philosophy Emeritus
Algis Mickunas, portrait

Algis Mickunas

Professor Emeritus
Arthur Zucker

Arthur Zucker

Associate Professor Emeritus
Physics & Astronomy
ingram david

David C. Ingram

Professor & Chair Clippinger 267

Carl R. Brune

Professor Accelerator Lab 203

Horacio Castillo

Associate Professor Clippinger 242B

Gang Chen

Associate Professor Clippinger 167
CHORNOCK_Ryan 491x288 px REV

Ryan Chornock

Assistant Professor Clippinger 341

Douglas Clowe

Professor and Director of the Astrophysics Institute Clippinger 339

David Drabold

Distinguished Professor Clippinger 357B

George Eberts

Astronomy Assistant, Part-Time Clippinger 241A

Charlotte Elster

Professor Clippinger 265

Justin Frantz

Associate Professor Accelerator Lab 205

Alexander Govorov

Distinguished Professor Clippinger 351
Sophia Jun Han, portrait outdoors

Jun "Sophia" Han

Postdoc Clippinger 240
hicks kenneth

Kenneth H. Hicks

Professor Accelerator Lab 202
hla saw wai

Saw-Wai Hla

Professor Clippinger 252C

Peter Hoffmann-Pinther

Adjunct Professor Clippinger 243A

Peter Jung

Distinguished Professor Clippinger 252B

Paul King

Research Assistant Professor Edwards Accelerator Lab 207

Martin Kordesch

Professor Clippinger 158

Mark Lucas

Associate Professor and LON-CAPA Manager Clippinger 252D
massey tom

Thomas Massey

Research Professor Accelerator Lab 216
Dr. Zachary Meisel, portrait; photo by Daniel Owen/Ohio University

Zachary Meisel

Assistant Professor Edwards Accelerator Lab 204

Alexander Neiman

Professor Clippinger 242D
ogrady tom

Thomas J. O'Grady

Astronomy Assistant, Part-Time Clippinger 241B

Daniel Phillips

Professor and Director of the Institute of Nuclear and Particle Physics Clippinger 242C
piccard dick

Richard Piccard

Adjunct Associate Professor Clippinger Labratories 243B
Gabriela Popa, portrait

Gabriela Popa

Associate Professor Ohio University Zanesville, Elson 239

Madappa Prakash

Professor Clippinger 337

Julie Roche

Professor Accelerator Lab 206
Paris Roustazadey

Parisa Roustazadeh

Adjunct Professor Clippinger 240

Nancy Sandler

Professor Clippinger 368C
SEO_Hee-Jong REV 491x288 px

Hee-Jong Seo

Assistant Professor Clippinger 335

Joseph Shields

Professor and Vice President for Research and Creative Activity Wilson Hall Administrative 203
smith arthur

Arthur Smith

Professor Clippinger 165

Eric Stinaff

Associate Professor Clippinger 364
TATA Ramarao Adjunct 491x288

Ramarao Tata

Adjunct Professor Clippinger 251B

David F. J. Tees

Associate Professor Clippinger 357A

Sergio E. Ulloa

Professor Clippinger 368B

Alexander Voinov

Research Associate Professor Accelerator Lab 213
Physics & Astronomy Emeriti
Clyde Baker

Clyde Baker

Part-Time Assistant Professor Emeritus
Charles Brient

Charles Brient

Associate Professor Emeritus
Steven Grimes

Steven Grimes

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Accelerator 214
Earle Hunt

Earle Hunt

Professor Emeritus
Ray Lane

Ray Lane

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
David Onley

David Onley

Professor Emeritus Clippinger 243B
Jacobo Rapaport

Jacobo Rapaport

Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Roger Rollins

Roger Rollins

Professor Emeritus
Folden B. Stumpf

Folden B. Stumpf

Professor Emeritus Clippinger 243A
Louis Wright

Louis Wright

Professor Emeritus Clippinger 331
Political Science
Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Nukhet Sandal

Associate Professor and Chair 259 Bentley Annex
Jonathan Agensky, in front of bookshelves

Jonathan Agensky

Assistant Professor 211 Bentley Annex

Susan Burgess

Distinguished Professor and Undergraduate Director 229 Bentley Annex

DeLysa Burnier

Professor 217 Bentley Annex
Michael Burton

Michael John Burton

Associate Professor 221 Bentley Annex
Lauren Elliott-Dorans, portrait

Lauren Elliott-Dorans

Assistant Professor of Instruction 209 Bentley Annex
Dr. Maria Fanis

Maria Fanis

Associate Professor 223 Bentley Annex
Dr. Jennifer Fredette

Jennifer Fredette

Associate Professor 225 Bentley Annex
Judith Grant

Judith Grant

Professor 270 Bentley Annex
Professor Vince Jungkunz

Vince Jungkunz

Associate Professor 249 Bentley Annex
Brendan Kendhammer

Brandon Kendhammer

Associate Professor and Director of International Development Studies Program 215 Bentley Annex
Matthew Layton

Matthew Layton

Assistant Professor 213 Bentley Annex
Dr. Nancy Manring

Nancy Manring

Associate Professor 251 Bentley Annex
Dr. Jim Mosher

James Mosher

Associate Professor 235 Bentley Annex
Dr. Sarah Poggione

Sarah Poggione

Associate Professor & Associate Dean in College of Arts & Sciences 261 Bentley Annex
Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross

Associate Professor and Honors Tutorial Director 255 Bentley Annex
Jay Ryu

Jay Ryu

Professor 237 Bentley Annex
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen Sullivan

Associate Professor 233 Bentley Annex

Takaaki Suzuki

Professor and Director of Asian Studies Program 231 Bentley Annex
Dr. Barry Tadlock

Barry Tadlock

Professor 253 Bentley Annex

Kirstine Taylor

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Law, Justice & Culture 203 Bentley Annex
Dr. Myra Waterbury

Myra Waterbury

Professor and Graduate Director 219 Bentley Annex
Dr. Julie White in the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies conference room

Julie White

Professor 227 Bentley Annex
Dr. Bruce Carlson

Bruce Carlson

Associate Professor, Department Chair Porter Hall 200C
Dr. Mark Alicke

Mark Alicke

Professor Porter Hall 229
Dr. Nicholas Allan

Nicholas Allan

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology Porter Hall 209
Dr. Darcey Allan

Darcey Allan

Visiting Assistant Professor - Clinical Psychology Porter Hall 200
Dr. Timothy Anderson

Timothy Anderson

Professor Porter Hall 215

Megan Austin

Lecturer and Director of the Psychology and Social Work Clinic Porter Hall 004
Dr. Lindsay Dhanani

Lindsay Dhanani

Assistant Professor Porter Hall 249
Dr. Steven W. Evans

Steven W. Evans

Distinguished Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Intervention Research in Schools Porter Hall 253
Dr. Jean Forney, portrait

K. Jean Forney

Assistant Professor Porter Hall 200
Dr. Christopher France

Christopher France

Distinguished Professor Porter Hall 251
Dr. Janis L. France

Janis L. France

Senior Researcher Porter Hall 268A
Dr. Christine Gidycz

Christine Gidycz

Professor Porter Hall 231
Dr. Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo

Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo

Professor Porter Hall 233
Dr. Michael Grant

Michael Grant

Lecturer and Undergraduate Academic Adviser Porter 241
Dr. Sandra Hoyt

Sandra Hoyt

Director of Online Education in Psychology and Senior Lecturer Porter Hall 217
Dr. Ryan C. Johnson

Ryan C. Johnson

Assistant Professor Porter Hall 205
Dr. Keith Markman

Keith Markman

Associate Professor Porter Hall 227
Craig McCarthy

Craig McCarthy

Senior Lecturer Porter Hall 245
Dr. Dominik Mischkowski

Dominik Mischkowski

Visiting Assistant Professor Porter Hall 255A
Dr. Julie Owens

Julie Owens

Professor Porter Hall 243
Dr. Brett Peters

Brett Peters

Assistant Professor Porter Hall 259
Dr. Kimberly Rios

Kimberly Rios

Associate Professor and Director of Experimental Training Porter Hall 219
Dr. Gary Sarver

Gary Sarver

Assistant Professor Porter Hall 207
Dr. Julie Suhr

Julie A. Suhr

Professor and Director of Clinical Training Porter Hall 250
Dr. Susan Tice-Alicke

Susan Tice-Alicke

Assistant Chair for Undergraduate Studies in Psychology, Senior Lecturer Porter Hall 261
Dr. Jeffery Vancouver

Jeffrey B. Vancouver

Professor, Byham Chair in Industrial/Organizational Psychology Porter Hall 221
Dr. Ronaldo Vigo

Ronaldo Vigo

Associate Professor of Mathematical & Computational Cognitive Science Porter Hall 211

Sally Weekley

Lecturer Porter Hall 201

Joan K. Wigal

Instructor Haning Hall 102
Dr. Brian Wymbs

Brian Wymbs

Associate Professor Porter Hall 247
Dr. Peggy Zoccola

Peggy Zoccola

Associate Professor Porter Hall 223
Psychology Emeriti

Francis S. Bellezza

Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 203
Dr. John P. Garske

John P. Garske

Professor Emeritus
Dr. Kenneth A. Holroyd

Kenneth A. Holroyd

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 225
Dr. G. Daniel Lassiter

G. Daniel Lassiter

Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 236

John R. McNamara

Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 200
Dr. Danny R. Moates

Danny R. Moates

Associate Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 255b
Dr. Paula Popovich

Paula Popovich

Associate Professor Emeritus Porter Hall 200

Gary Schumacher

Professor Emeritus
Research Personnel
Oscar Avalos, portrait

Oscar Avalos

Visiting Research Scholar Clippinger 338
Lei Jin

Lei Jin

Post Doc Clippinger 240
Nikolay Kornilov

Nikolay Kornilov

Visiting Scholar Accelerator Lab 213
Sociology & Anthropology
Dr. Christine Mattley

Christine Mattley

Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair of Department of Sociology & Anthropology Bentley Annex 157
Amr Al Azm

Amr Al Azm

Instructor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 013
Cynthia Anderson

Cynthia Anderson

Professor of Sociology and Director of Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Bentley Annex 151
Molly Bukky

Molly Bukky

Instructor of Sociology Bentley Annex 027
Larry Burmeister

Larry Burmeister

Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 121
Ursula Castellano

Ursula Castellano

Associate Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 119

Diane Ciekawy

Associate Professor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 127
Rebecca Collins with pond in background

Rebecca Collins

Associate Lecturer of Sociology Bentley Annex 019
Amanda K. Cox

Amanda K. Cox

Lecturer of Sociology Bentley Annex 109
Sabrina Curran

Sabrina Curran

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 124
Dr. Haley Duschinski

Haley Duschinski

Associate Professor; Director of the Center for Law, Justice & Culture; Graduate Director of M.A. in Law, Justice & Culture Bentley Annex 131
Joseph Gingerich

Joseph Gingerich

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 153
Chris Hedges, portrait

Chris Hedges

Adjunct Instructor of Sociology Bentley Annex 027

Debra Henderson

Associate Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 137
Bruce Hoffman

Bruce Hoffman

Associate Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 135
Nicole Kaufman

Nicole Kaufman

Assistant Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 105
Jeili Li in his offie with books in the background

Jieli Li

Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 133
Dr. Paula Miller

Paula Miller

Assistant Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 103

Charlie V. Morgan

Associate Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 111

Smoki Musaraj

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 155
Holly Ningard, portrait

Holly Ningard

Lecturer of Sociology Bentley Annex 115
Roberta Roberson

Roberta Roberson

Associate Lecturer of Sociology and Sociology and Criminology Internship Program Coordinator Bentley Annex 017
Dr. Matt Rosen

Matt Rosen

Assistant Professor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 113

Stephen J. Scanlan

Associate Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 125

Nancy Tatarek

Associate Professor of Anthropology Bentley Annex 149
Anna Rachel Terman

Anna Rachel Terman

Assistant Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 147
Thomas Vander Ven, portrait

Thomas Vander Ven

Professor of Sociology and Director of Graduate Studies Bentley Annex 023

Howard T. "Ted" Welser

Associate Professor of Sociology Bentley Annex 123
Sociology & Anthropology Emeritus
Dr. Elliot Abrams

Elliot Abrams

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology Bentley Annex 025
Gene Ammarell

Gene Ammarell

Professor Emeritus of Anthropology

AnnCorinne Freter-Abrams

Professor Emerita of Anthropology Bentley Annex 025
Bruce Kuhre

Bruce Kuhre

Professor Emeritus

Martin Schwartz

Professor Emeritus
Don Shamblin

Don Shamblin

Professor Emeritus

Robert Shelly

Professor Emeritus
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Kim Little

Associate Lecturer and Associate Director 31 S Court Street, Suite 120

Loran Renee Marsan

Assistant Lecturer 31 S. Court St., Suite 117

Patricia Stokes

Assistant Professor 31 S Court Street

Departmental Social Media

College of Arts & Sciences