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College of Arts & Sciences

Robert Frank

Robert Frank, portrait



Dr. Frank served as Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences from 2012-18.

Before coming to Ohio University, Frank was Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies in the McMicken College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Cincinnati. He also served at Cincinnati as Interim Dean of the Graduate School, Associate Dean of the Graduate School, and Associate Vice President for Research and Advanced Studies.

Frank received a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy from Allegheny College, an M.A. in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati, and a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology with an emphasis in Neuroscience from the University of Cincinnati. He has a substantial record of research as reflected in peer-reviewed publications, funded research, and the direction of master's and doctoral students. Frank's scholarship is interdisciplinary in nature, involving both biology and psychology, and most recently focused on taste and smell perception. Through his recent research on chemoreception, Frank has investigated the relationship between deficits in the sense of smell and several neurological illnesses.

Frank was a founding partner in CompuSniff, LLC, which was formed in 2002 to develop a medical device designed to help diagnose olfactory disorders that could be harbingers of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. The device was based on research conducted by Frank and a colleague in the Department of Cell Biology. The Sniff Magnitude Test developed by the company was named one of the best new inventions of 2007 by Popular Science magazine.

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