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Alan J. McMillan

Portrait of Allan McMillan

Wealth & Poverty Theme Adjunct Professor

Dean's Office

Alan J. McMillan, an adjunct professor at Ohio University and founder of LearnEarnRetire. His area of research and focus is in helping students transition from campus, to career, to their eventual financial independence. He teaches CAS 2402, Transitions: From Campus, to Career Success, to Wealth Creation and Protection, which has become one of the fastest growing classes at the university. He serves on the Wealth & Poverty theme.

Alan spent 38 years in high-tech sales, including 17 years in Silicon Valley where he served as the Vice President of Sales in venture funded start-ups four times. He was on the team that took two companies public. Mid-career, he began speaking on college campus about life success. That work has brought him to dozens of campuses across America addressing tens of thousands of students on moving through their learning years, to their earning years, to life and financial success, at a relatively early age.

His works spans:

  • Leaving campus with multiple job offers.
  • Thriving in the first role.
  • Replacing that job swiftly and efficiently if need be.
  • Then being smart with the money one makes;
  • And finally advancing on a plan, that the student truly understands, in order to earn financial freedom in this pension-less world.

More can be viewed at the LearnEarnRetire website.

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