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Rachel Yoho

Rachel Yoho in Genomics Facility

Technician at Ohio University Genomics Facility

Porter 510

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MNS, Southeast Missouri State University, 2006

About Rachel Yoho

I have been the Technician at the Ohio University Genomics Facility since 2011. I received my B.S. in Biology and my MNS in Biology from Southeast Missouri State University. For my master’s thesis, I investigated the “Effect of Feeding Rate on Ontogenetic Allometry in B. constrictor.”

My role in the facility is quite wide-ranging, from training new users on our shared equipment in the Genomics Facility to handling Sanger Sequencing and leading tours for those interested in seeing the facility. The numerous jobs that I fulfill as well as the variety of projects completed through the facility are exciting, challenging and extremely rewarding.

Though I was born and raised in St. Louis, I really enjoy living in Ohio, but, I will never call soda “pop.” In my time away from work, I enjoy spending time in the country with my husband and multitude of pets. In particular, I am fond of hiking through the woods of Athens County in search of morels as well as hunting and fishing.

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