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College of Arts & Sciences

Freshman Admissions Information

College of Arts & Sciences at Ohio University

Why A&S?

Students in the College of Arts & Sciences are preparing for successful lives, including pathways to careers and graduate school. In the sciences, social sciences and humanities, our students and faculty are tackling 21st century issues—from autism to sustainability.

  • Choose from 70 majors, 27 minors and 14 certificate programs.
  • Feel free to change your mind—many A&S students find a new passion and change majors.
  • Conduct undergraduate research with renowned faculty.
  • Take advantage of internships and service learning.
  • Study abroad with A&S faculty.
  • Prepare for a career in medicine or law.
  • Make the forests, streams and hills of Southeastern Ohio your classroom with an environment al major.
  • Join an A&S Theme and become part a faculty-student community on a topic you're interested in–such as food, the law, the future.

What's It Like in Our Classes?

You might get to put together a campaign to save the puppies in a political science course, learn economics lessons from the owner of one of the world's best pizza makers, study languages in the "holo-deck," learn organic chemistry with a computer game, plant native wildflowers on a nearby hilltop, or finish your major with a fieldtrip to Yellowstone.

Sometimes your class may be upside down. Physics professors "flip" their classrooms so there is more time for hands-on work in class. When roommates gather round your computer to watch your homework assignment, you're probably taking a Classics mythology course. OHIO is a research-intensive university, and undergraduate students have plenty of opportunities to take classes with faculty who are active researchers—and many students also take advantage of research courses or internships with faculty. More than 120 biology students did research with faculty in 2012-13. Undergraduate students are often co-authors on published papers and presenters at academic conferences.

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A&S Admissions Requirements

Admission to Ohio University is all that is required for acceptance into the College of Arts & Sciences.

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