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Chemistry Faculty Research Areas



  • Michael Held—Plant cell wall biochemistry and biosynthesis, trafficking of plant cell wall polymers
  • Jennifer V. Hines—RNA-targeted medicinal chemistry, structural and chemical biology
  • Justin M. Holub—Chemical biology, protein biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, synthetic biologics
  • Marcia J. Kieliszewski—Analysis of hydroxyproline-rich structural glycoproteins of the plant cell wall; structure, function and glycoprotein design
  • Tadeusz Malinski—Nanomedicine, nanobiology, nanosensors, and nanodevices for medical applications
  • Shiyong Wu—Identification of natural and synthetic chemicals and small peptides for chemoprevention, radio-sensitization/protection and improvement of innate immune response
  • Xiaozhuo Chen (adjunct)


  • Michael P. JensenBiomimetic coordination chemistry and catalysis
  • Jessica WhiteExcited state dynamics and photochemotherapeutics
  • Travis White—Inorganic chemistry; Photophysics and photochemistry of inorganic complexes; Photocatalytic H2O reduction to produce H2 fuel; Electrochemistry of redox-active complexes and catalysts; Electrocatalytic CO2 reduction to generate C1 feedstocks


  • Stephen C. Bergmeier—New synthetic methods for the synthesis of heterocyclic rings, Medicinal chemistry - design and synthesis of novel anticancer agents and anti-infective therapies.
  • Jennifer V. Hines—RNA-targeted medicinal chemistry, structural and chemical biology.
  • Eric Masson—Supramolecular and host/guest recognition chemistry, macrocyclic chemistry with a focus on Cucurbiturils, and bioorganic chemistry.
  • Mark C. McMills—Synthetic organic chemistry, development of antitumor drugs.


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