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Chemistry Undergraduate Programs

Jacob Sieg in the lab

Jacob Sieg, a Chemistry Honors Tutorial College student, works in Dr. Jennifer Hines’ lab.


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Bachelor’s Degrees


Courses & Resources

[Analytical. Experimental. Environmental. Forensic]

Help build the world’s first molecular nanocar—and race it. Work in a biochem lab developing next-generation RNA-based pharmaceuticals. Intern at a state crime lab and build a new forensic tool. Work with one of the world’s fastest lasers and bend matter with light.

About the Chemistry Undergraduate Programs

Upon completing the requirements for the B.S. degree with a major in chemistry, a student is eligible for professional status in the American Chemical Society. Completion of a B.A. degree in chemistry does not qualify a student for certification.

Due to changes in standards for teacher licensure in the State of Ohio, the current program in chemistry is subject to change. If you are interested in becoming licensed to teach chemistry at the secondary level, contact the Office of Student Services in the College of Education.

Foreign language requirements should be met with German or Russian. Graduate schools generally require a reading knowledge of one or more foreign languages, with German and/or Russian recommended.

Undergraduate Coordinator: Dr. Lauren McMills


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