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College of Arts & Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Guide


Purposes of This Guide

The College of Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee (CASCC)

  • Mission
  • CASCC composition and meetings

University Curriculum Committees, Processes, and Guidelines

University Curriculum Council (UCC)

  • Individual Course Committee (ICC)
  • Programs Committee (PC)
  • Program Review Committee (PRC)
  • General Education Committee

Ohio Curriculum Enhancement and Approval Network (OCEAN)

College and University Curriculum Committee Meeting Dates and Due Dates for Proposals

Course Proposals

  • Proposals for new courses and course changes
  • Temporary approval of a new course
  • Experimental course proposals

Liberal Arts & Sciences Distribution Areas

  • Definitional guides for the A&S distribution areas
  • Requesting an A&S distribution area for a course
  • Interdisciplinary courses and the designation of multiple
  • A&S distribution areas
  • Process for requesting approval of multiple A&S distribution areas for a
  • Course
  • Assignment of credits for courses with multiple A&S distribution areas

Cross-Listed Courses

Service Learning Courses

Program Proposals

  • Program change proposals
  • Example program change form

Majors and Minors in Same Department

Departmental Social Media

College of Arts & Sciences