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College of Arts & Sciences

Seven-Year Program Reviews

Procedures in the College of Arts & Sciences

Procedures involve

  1. Review of nominees to be appointed as outside reviewers
  2. Review of the self-study document
  3. Interaction with the UCC Program Review Committee/External Reviewer
  4. Writing the final reaction to the review

1. Departments will be contacted by the University Curriculum Council in Spring Quarter Prior to their review year. The UCC website can be accessed at The Provost's site contains review information at

2. During the summer, the departments will complete their self-study report and submit the names of potential reviewers to UCC. At this time, the department will also submit to the college the names that the department nominates for external reviewer, along with a short biography (no longer than one page) which describes the department's rationale for selecting the external reviewer (e.g., past experiences doing reviews, administrative positions in units similar to the department being reviewed, etc.) Any personal acquaintances should be avoided. Former or on-going professional relationships to faculty in the department should be described.

3. In early September, when departments under review submit their three copies and an electronic version of their self-study to UCC, departments are also asked to submit an electronic version of the self-study to the college office.

4. Also during the fall quarter, a copy of the agenda for the site visit should be sent to the college office. Site agendas should include at least one on-campus interview between the external reviewer and the Dean of the college. Well prior to the site visit, department chairs should review their site visit activities/agenda during one of their regular meetings with the Dean in order to ensure that the external reviewer gets on the Dean's schedule and to review with the Dean any particular questions that the Dean or Chair want addressed during the site visit. (revised 4/12/07)

5. When the review is complete, the UCC Review committee will forward the review to the departmental office for corrections or reactions. After the department has responded, an emended draft copy should be forwarded college office for reaction.

6. The college will make a final response to the draft (after corrections) within two weeks of the penultimate draft of the review.

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