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A&S Summer and Overload Course Enrollment Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to help College of Arts & Sciences departments and faculty plan overload and summer teaching activities. The goal is a transparent and equitable policy that helps us to meet basic costs of instruction while supporting an outstanding and comprehensive curriculum. The enrollment targets represent our best estimate of the minimum number of students needed for an individual summer or overload class to cover the increased cost of the instructor’s compensation and to help cover the indirect costs of the institution. The best practice would be to well exceed the minimums.

Enrollment & Compensation

1000 to 2000 Level Courses

  • 20 or more, full pay
  • 10-19, prorated
  • Under 10, cancel

3000 to 4000 Level Courses

  • 12 or more, full pay
  • 6-11, prorated
  • Under 6, cancel

5000 to 8000 Level Courses

  • Permission of Dean’s Office only

For courses taught by Graduate Assistants and others paid at the rate for Non-University Personnel, please use 50% of the enrollment figures posted for faculty.

Prorate courses at $-200 per student below the full pay level.

College Guidelines

  • The full compensation rate from the Provost’s guidelines will be paid for courses that meet the normative enrollment target on the Friday of the first week of classes.
  • Courses that begin the semester or term with at least five students more than the applicable proration minimums may be contracted earlier.
  • Courses that are above half enrollment but not at target on the Friday of the first week of classes use a pro-rated faculty compensation that is reduced by $200 per student.
  • Courses that come in at less than half of the target enrollment by the final Friday before the first meeting of the class should be canceled.
  • These targets apply to all faculty ranks and disciplines. For Graduate Students and Group III instructors teaching as the instructor of record at the standard Group III/non-University Personnel pay rates, please use an enrollment target that is 50 percent of the figure (for regular faculty) and pro-rate at $100 per student below the target enrollment rather than $200 per student below the target enrollment.
  • Although the fiscal year changes mid-summer, compensation rates for each complete summer follow the Provost’s rate sheet for the Academic Year preceding the summer in question. (See: Minimum Part-time and Overload Teaching Rates)

These are normative guidelines. Department Chairs may request exceptions based upon curricular need or strategic goals that embrace a more holistic view of a department’s enrollments. Questions on these matters can come to, but should normally be resolved as matters for departmental budget and programming management.

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