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College of Arts & Sciences

Arts & Sciences Student Clubs and Organizations

Student Ambassadors

Adviser: Stevi Miller
President: Courtney Stephan

Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE)

(Chemistry Fraternity)
Adviser: Dr. Lauren McMills (Chemistry)
President: Ryan O'Donnell

American Medical Student Association Pre-Med Club

Adviser: Ann Lacomb (Biological Sciences)
President: Steve Miller

Gamma Chapter of Eta Sigma Phi

President: Ben Stewart

Gamma Theta Upsilon, Geography Club

Adviser: Dr. Harold Perkins (Geography)
President: Michael Goldman

Geology Club

Adviser: Dr.Dan Hembree (Geological Sciences)
President: Bart Rasor

Health Careers and Pre-Professional Advising

Adviser: Ann Lacomb (Biological Sciences)

Mathematics Club

Adviser: Dr. Sergio Lopez (Mathematics)

Meteorology Club

(American Meteorological Society chapter)
President: Matthew Thigpen

Microbiology Student Organization

Adviser: Stephanie Miller (Biological Sciences)
President: Ashley Miceli

Ohio Students Anthropology Society

Adviser: Dr. Paul Patton
President: Harlee Rozell

Ohio University Council of Teachers of Mathematics (OUCTM)

Adviser: Dr. Robert Klein (Mathematics)

Ohio University History Association

Adviser: Dr. Mariana L. Dantas (History)
President: Chrissy Matzen

Phi Alpha Delta (Pre-Law)

Adviser: Dr. Kathleen Sullivan
President: Amy Strang

Phi Alpha Theta, the History Honors Society

Adviser: Dr. Jessica Roney (History)
President: Chrissy Matzen

Political Science Majors' Association

Adviser: Dr. Myra Waterbury (Political Science)
President: Chris Matgouranis

Pre-Dentistry Club

Adviser: Ann Lacomb (Biological Sciences)
President: Kevin Albert

Pre-Optometry Club

Adviser: Ann Lacomb (Biological Sciences)
President: Evan Ward

Pre-Pharmacy Club

President: Brianne Porter

Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association

Adviser: Ann Lacomb (Biological Sciences) and Ginny Valentin (Faculty)
President: David Provaznik

Pre-Vet Club

Adviser: Karen Mammone (Biological Sciences)

Sigma Gamma Epsilon (SGE) Geoscience Honors Society

Adviser: Dr. Keith Milam (Geological
Sciences) President:Megan Smith

Sigma Tau Delta (English international honors society)

Adviser: Dr. Nicole Reynolds (English)
President: Emily Vargas

Society of Physics Students

Adviser:Dr. Joseph Shields (Physics & Astronomy; Research)

Sociology/Criminology/Pre-Law Club

Adviser: Dr. Tom Vander Ven
President: Abigail Hiddy

Sphere Magazine

Adviser: Dr. Mark Halliday (English)
President: Ami Iannone (Student Editor)

Wildlife Club

Adviser: Dr. Scott Moody (Biological Sciences)

Women in Physics & Astronomy

Adviser: Dr. Julie Roche (Physics & Astronomy)

Departmental Social Media

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