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Geography Faculty

The Geography faculty’s interests span the range of Human, Environmental, and Physical Geography. Diverse specialties and active research agendas inform their inspired teaching, and many of faculty have been recognized with teaching excellence awards.

The research and teaching interests of the faculty span a broad range of systematic, technical, and regional specializations. Primary areas include the following:

  • Environmental Geography (environmental assessment, analysis and management; conservation; environmental planning)
  • Nature‐Society Relationships (human‐environment interactions; cultural and political ecology)
  • Geospatial Techniques (geographic information science; cartography and geovisualization; remote sensing)
  • Regional Development Studies (rural livelihoods; the developing world; gender issues; Latin America; Southeast Asia; Sub‐Saharan Africa; North America)
  • Physical Geography (biogeography; geomorphology; meteorology and climatology)

Geography faculty actively participate in a number of interdisciplinary programs, including Environmental Studies; International Studies; and Women’s, Gender, & Studies.

Emeriti Faculty

Dr. Nancy Bain, Ph.D., U. of Minnesota

Dr. Frank E. Bernard, Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin

Dr. Ronald Isaac, Ph.D., Southern Illinois U., Carbondale

Dr. Bob J. Walter, Ph.D., U. of Wisconsin

Dr. Hubert G.H. Wilhelm, Ph.D., Louisiana State U. (deceased)

Dr. Lynden S. Williams, Ph.D., U. of Kansas

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