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Graduate Certificate Programs


Certificate programs such as Conservation Biology are interdisciplinary.

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Online Graduate Certificates

Graduate students in the College of Arts & Sciences often pursue multiple passions by taking a certificate program outside their major. Others add a graduate certificate as an integral part of their degree program.

Most of the certificate programs are open to all students pursuing a graduate program at the university, regardless of college or field. These interdisciplinary programs allow students to:

  • Complement a primary area of interest.
  • Broaden career possibilities.
  • Study an area of interest from a variety of perspectives.

Students are awarded the certificate and receive official recognition on their transcripts.

Conservation Biology Certificate

The Program in Conservation Biology offers an interdisciplinary graduate conservation biology certificate. The program applies a multifaceted understanding of the factors affecting the conservation of biological diversity. It is centered in the Department of Biological Sciences but includes faculty members from the departments of Environmental and Plant Biology, Economics, Geography, and Political Science. Students enrolled in any master's or doctoral program at Ohio University are eligible to apply for the certificate. Each application for the certificate program is reviewed by an oversight committee composed of three faculty representatives from participating departments. Each student in the program chooses a certificate advisor to oversee the completion of requirements.

Contemporary History Certificate

The Ohio University Contemporary History Institute, created in 1987, offers a unique course of interdisciplinary study, mainly on the graduate level, that trains students to apply historical perspectives in analyzing recent events and contemporary policy issues. The institute is centered in the Department of History, but it also draws faculty and students from the departments of Economics and Political Science, the E. W. Scripps School of Journalism, and the Honors Tutorial College.

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