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About the History Department

The History Department has produced professors, lawyers, diplomats and civil servants, successful businesspeople, schoolteachers, military officers, fiction writers, and other professionals engaged in a myriad of pursuits in their lives and around the globe.

Winners of awards in teaching and scholarship, History faculty members bring proven records of excellence to their daily collaborations with undergraduate and graduate students, and together they explore interests that span space and time.

Students learn to read, think, and write critically. They come to know that ours is a small world and a big world. They grasp that humanity has the capacity to create the magisterial works hanging in the Louvre as well as the horrors of Auschwitz, or the inspiring wonder of Angkor Wat as well as the Killing Fields of Cambodia.

Studying history propels our lives, whether for the purposes of entering an important and satisfying profession or for the more expansive incentive of revealing the human condition.

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