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History Teaching Assistantships

Each year the History Department has a limited amount of funds to support research or travel to a conference to present a paper. Graduate students will receive notification at the beginning of the academic year about the deadline for applying for support. To apply, graduate students will need to explain the purpose of their travel and provide a budget or listing of expenses. They also will need a letter of support from their adviser.

Teaching Opportunities

The History Department has a variety of teaching opportunities for graduate students. Most common is serving as a teaching assistant (TA) or teacher of record (TOR) during the regular academic year. Opportunities for summer teaching on the Athens campus are occasionally available for advanced graduate students. Sometimes, too, the regional campuses need a history instructor for a survey course, and an advanced Ph.D. student will fulfill their requirements. The Director of Graduate Studies, the History Department Chair, and other faculty members, as appropriate, will inform qualified graduate students about these opportunities as they become available.

Teaching Assistants–Duties and Responsibilities

A teaching assistant helps a faculty member or teacher of record (a senior Ph.D. student who is teaching a course) with various instructional tasks in a particular course. Serving as a TA is an important responsibility. As a TA, a graduate student can help students learn history and develop their skills in critical analysis and in written and oral expression. They also may have some responsibility in evaluating student work by helping in the grading of exams, essays, quizzes, or other assignments.

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