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History Minor

  • For students looking for historical perspective
  • For students with a passion for history

Faculty Contact: Dr. Joshua Hill

History Minor: Code OR4211

Program Overview

Admissions Information

Minor Requirements

Program Overview

A history minor is an excellent choice for students looking to supplement their primary fields of study with historical context or who just have a passion for history. The History Department has students from all colleges and departments and a flexible program that nicely complements the University's General Education requirements.

A minor in history consists of a minimum of 6 courses or 18 semester hours. No more than two courses below HIST 2010 will count toward the minor (this includes HIST 1320/1330; HIST 1210/1220; HIST 1221/1222 and HIST 2000/2010). Students may elect to take all 6 courses beyod the survey courses listed above. This flexability allows students to develop a geographical area of specialization and/or to choose courses of personal interest.

Careers and Graduate School

The skills required for a history minor are those that can benefit any liberal arts graduate.

Admissions Information

To declare a history major or minor, go to your college student service office and ask for a declaration of major/minor form. To find out more about the history program email

Requirements for the History Minor

The history minor requires a minimum of 18 hours or 6 courses from the History Department.

Introductory Course Electives

Students are not required to take any introductory courses for the minor. However, students may elect to take some introductory courses, in which case no more than two of the following courses will count toward the minor:

  • HIST 1210 - Western Civilization: Antiquity to 1500 Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 1220 - Western Civilization: Modernity from 1500 Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 1221 - The First Universities: History & Learning in Europe, 1100-1600 Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 1222 - Medieval History in Film & Literature Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 1320 - Introduction to World History Before 1750 Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 1330 - Introduction to World History Since 1750 Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 2000 - Survey of United States History, 1600-1877 Credit Hours: 3
  • HIST 2010 - Survey of United States History, 1865-present Credit Hours: 3

Advanced Course Requirements

Complete a minimum of 18 hours or 6 courses from the History Department. Students may choose to complete all 18 hours above HIST 2010.


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