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Study Abroad & Global Studies Locations

Study Abroad Locations

New program is large red triangle. Repeating programs are small blue triangles. Previous programs are gray dots.

Where in the world are you going?

Tropical Plant Systematics—Panama

This new program offered by the Department of Environmental & Plant Biology at Ohio University travels to Panama City and Bocas del Toro for an intensive examination of about 110 tropical vascular plant families and 120 common ecologically or economically important genera and species.

Field Studies in Plant Diversity—Arizona, Hawaii & Florida

This is a repeating program offered by the Department of Environmental & Plant Biology at Ohio University.

Previous Programs

(Numbers correspond to gray dots on the map at top of page.)

  1. "Ecology of the Andes" in northern Bolivia, Ballard & Vis (Fall/Winter, 2000)—seminar, field course and student reflections
  2. "Island Biology" in Hawaiian Islands I, Ballard & Vis (Summer, 2001)—seminar and field course
  3. "Neotropical Rainforest Ecology" in southeastern Brazil, Ballard & Vis (Fall/Winter, 2001)—seminar, field course and student reflections
  4. "Neotropical Rainforest Ecology" in northern French Guiana, Ballard & Vis (Summer, 2002)—seminar and field course
  5. "Island Biology" in Hawaiian Islands II, Ballard & Brown (Summer, 2003)—seminar and field course
  6. "Tropical Ecology" in Thailand, Fail & Matlack (Fall/Winter Intersession, 2004)—field course
  7. "Island Biology" in New Zealand, Brown & Vis (Fall/Winter Intersession, 2005)—field course
  8. "Tropical Biology" in Sarawak, Fail & Matlack (Fall/Winter Intersession, 2007)—field course
  9. "Tropical Biodiversity and Environmental Issues" in Panama, Ballard & Vis (Fall/Winter Intersession, 2008)—UC 190, seminar and field course
  10. "Tropical Plant Systematics" in Panama, Ballard (Fall/Winter Intersession, 2009) field course
  11. "Island Plant Diversity and Evolution" in Hawaii (Kauai), Ballard (Fall/Winter Intersession, 2013)—informational slideshow
  12. "Bahamas: An Island as an Environment," T3-4091, winter intersession for many years, Dr. Art Trese; suspended in 2012 to assess new destinations.

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