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Plant Biology Department Honors

Environmental & Plant Biology Department Honors

Students must register for at least 4 credits of PBIO 4940 and/or 4941 (Research) over a period of at least two semesters, followed by 2-4 credits of PBIO 4945H (Thesis). In rare cases, the Departmental Honors Coordinator may permit a student to substitute research performed outside these courses (e.g., through a PACE position) for some or all of the 4 credits of PBIO 4940 and/or 4941. A maximum of 2-7 credits (depending on the student's major) in PBIO 4940, 4941, 4910 (Internship), and 4945H combined will count toward the requirements for the major. To find out the maximum for the particular major, consult the Undergraduate Catalog.

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PBIO 4940

PBIO 4941

PBIO 4910

PBIO 4945H

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