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College of Arts & Sciences

Faculty in Political Science


Political Science
Dr. Sarah Poggione

Sarah Poggione

Associate Professor & Chair 261 Bentley Annex
Jonathan Agensky, in front of bookshelves

Jonathan Agensky

Assistant Professor 211 Bentley Annex

Susan Burgess

Distinguished Professor and Undergraduate Director 229 Bentley Annex

DeLysa Burnier

Professor 217 Bentley Annex
Michael Burton

Michael John Burton

Associate Professor 221 Bentley Annex
Lauren Elliott-Dorans, portrait

Lauren Elliott-Dorans

Assistant Professor of Instruction 209 Bentley Annex
Dr. Maria Fanis

Maria Fanis

Associate Professor 223 Bentley Annex
Dr. Jennifer Fredette

Jennifer Fredette

Assistant Professor 225 Bentley Annex
Judith Grant

Judith Grant

Professor 270 Bentley Annex
Professor Vince Jungkunz

Vince Jungkunz

Associate Professor 249 Bentley Annex
Brendan Kendhammer

Brandon Kendhammer

Associate Professor and Director of International Development Studies Program 215 Bentley Annex
Matthew Layton

Matthew Layton

Assistant Professor 213 Bentley Annex
Dr. Nancy Manring

Nancy Manring

Associate Professor 251 Bentley Annex
Dr. Jim Mosher

James Mosher

Associate Professor 235 Bentley Annex
Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross

Associate Professor and Honors Tutorial Director 255 Bentley Annex
Jay Ryu

Jay Ryu

Professor 237 Bentley Annex
Dr. Nukhet Sandal

Nukhet Sandal

Associate Professor and Director of Global Studies 259 Bentley Annex
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan

Kathleen Sullivan

Associate Professor 233 Bentley Annex

Takaaki Suzuki

Professor and Director of Asian Studies Program 231 Bentley Annex
Dr. Barry Tadlock

Barry Tadlock

Associate Professor 253 Bentley Annex

Kirstine Taylor

Assistant Professor of Political Science and Law, Justice & Culture 203 Bentley Annex
Dr. Myra Waterbury

Myra Waterbury

Associate Professor and Graduate Director 219 Bentley Annex
Dr. Julie White in the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies conference room

Julie White

Professor 227 Bentley Annex

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