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Jay Ryu

Jay Ryu


Political Science
237 Bentley Annex


Recent News


Ph.D., Public Administration, University of Georgia, 2003

Research Areas

  • Public Policy and Administration
  • Public Budgeting and Finance

Courses Taught

  • POLS 2000: American Politics, Policy, and Administration
  • MPA 4860/5860: Public Budgeting
  • MPA 4870/5870: Financial Management in the Public Sector
  • POLS 5800: Program Evaluation      
  • OE MPA 5870: Financial Management in the Public Sector
  • POLS 4901/5901: Politics of Taxation

Ohio University Affiliations

  • MPA Program

About Dr. Ryu

Jay E. Ryu is Professor of Public Policy and Administration in the Department of Political Science. He has his undergraduate degree in political science from Seoul National University, Korea in 1986. He has his MPA degrees from Seoul National University (1988) and the George Washington University (1998). He has his Ph.D. from the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia (2003). 

His areas of specialization are public policy and administration and public finance. His current research areas have been focused on the political economy of public budgeting. His recent publications include:

Ryu, J. E. 2014. The Public Budgeting and Finance Primer: Key Concepts in Fiscal Choice. Routledge.

Ryu, J. E. 2011. Bounded Bureaucracy and the Budgetary Process in the United States. Transaction Publishers.

Ryu, J. E. 2013. Performance-based Budgeting (PBB), Allocative Efficiency, and Budget Changes: The Case of the U. S. Department of Commerce. Public Finance and Management 13(4)

Ryu, J. E. 2011. Legislative Professionalism and Budget Punctuations in State Government Sub-Functional Expenditures. Public Budgeting and Finance 31(2)

Ryu, J. E. 2009. Exploring the Factors for Budget Stability and Punctuations: A Preliminary Analysis of State Government Sub-Functional Expenditures. Policy Studies Journal 37(3)

Fernandez, S., J. E. Ryu, and J. L. Brudney. 2008. Exploring Variations in Contracting for Services among American Local Governments: Do Politics Still Matter? American Review of Public Administration 38(4)

Ryu, J. E. 2007. Federal Highway Assistance Funds in the State Infrastructure Bank (SIB) Programs: Mechanisms, Merits, and Modifications. Public Budgeting and Finance 27(4)

Ryu, J. E., C. J. Bowling, C. Cho, and D. S. Wright. 2007. Effects of Administrator's Aspirations, Political Principals' Priorities, and Interest Groups' Influence on State Agency Budget Requests. Public Budgeting and Finance 27(2)

Brudney, J. L., S. Fernandez, J. E. Ryu, and D. S. Wright. 2005. Exploring and Explaining Contracting Out: Patterns among the American States. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 15(3)


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