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ADDRESSING Model Age & Generation Resources

University Resources

  • Collaborative on Aging (CoA)—The CoA brings together researchers, educators, service providers, students, and community members with aging-related interests. This is a good resource for connecting to fellow researchers at Ohio University and in the community who address aging-related issues, who provide education, training, and services to the aging community in Athens, and to find connections with local services, resources, and agencies focused on aging issues.
  • Ohio University Respite Volunteer ProgramThis program provides free respite services for caregivers of adults with disabilities (including dementia).
  • Ohio University Emeriti AssociationThis group is open to any Ohio University Emeriti faculty who wish to pay the dues and join the association. The association encourages interaction of Emeriti through monthly meetings, speakers on topics of interest to the groups, trips to cultural programs, and coordination of volunteer opportunities in the community and university (including the Emeriti Park).
  • Resources for nontraditional studentsCommuter student services offers special advising, free tutoring, and a 24-hour access to a commuter lounge with lockers, fridge, microwave, tables, chairs, TV, computers, and couches.

Psychology Department Resources

Psychology Department Members on Collaborative on Aging—Within the department, Drs. Chris France, Keith Markman, Julie Suhr (on CoA advisory board), and Peggy Zoccola are associated with the CoA.

Certificate Programs

The university offers certificates for graduate and undergraduate students who complete extra course and experience in aging areas. These certificates are currently under revision by a Faculty Learning Committee headed by Dr. Julie Suhr of the Psychology Department and in collaboration with members of the Collaborative on Aging.

Community Resources

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