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Elective Training in Clinical Neuropsychology

Training in the clinical neuropsychology area of study follows the Houston Conference Guidelines. Coverage of the Generic Psychology Core and the Generic Clinical Core occurs as required elements of the general training in clinical psychology, as documented in Section on General Requirements for the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology. Neuropsychology-specific requirements are listed below.

Foundations for the Study of Brain-Behavior Relationships (complete at least 2):

  1. PSY 7210 Neuropsychology
  2. BIOS 5135 Human Neuroscience Laboratory (human brain dissection)
  3. PSY 6210 Human Psychophysiology
  4. PSY 7240 Psychoneuroimmunology
  5. PSY 7270 Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy

Foundations for the Practice of Clinical Neuropsychology

  1. At least one year of clinical experience in one or more of the neuropsychology practica or traineeships available to our students.
  2. Completion of an APA-accredited internship in clinical neuropsychology

Research in Clinical Neuropsychology

  1. Independent research typically done as a dissertation on a topic in neuropsychology
  2. A minimum of one first-author poster or paper presentation on a topic in neuropsychology at a professional meeting
  3. Collaboration with a faculty member on a submitted or published article or chapter or a submitted or funded grant application in a neuropsychology area

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