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Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory

Director: Dr. Claudia Gonzalez Vallejo

The Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory conducts research in several areas including the understanding of basic trade-off mechanisms used to resolve the inherent problem of choosing among conflicting options; the dynamics of preference evolution; the dynamics of decisions over time with changing references; decisions about time and money, and judgments of nutrition and their effect in healthy eating.

Members of the Judgment and Decision Making Laboratory

Dr. Claudia Gonzalez Vallejo, Director

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Frank Bellezza, Professor Cognitive Psychology

Visiting Faculty

Dr. Sang Hui, Associate Professor School of Management Shanghai University of International Business and Economics (August 2014-2015)

Lab Photos

judgement lab group photo

From left to right: Jiuqing Cheng, Ping Xu, Dr. Claudia Gonzalez-Vallejo, Adam Carlitz, Kristina Carter, and Nicholas Kirwen

judgement lab group photo 2

Judgement and Decision Making Laboratory

Recent Publications

Evaluation of breakfast cereals with the current nutrition facts panel (NFP) and the Food and Drug Administration’s NFP proposal, C González-Vallejo, BD Lavins, Public health nutrition, 1-12 2015

Hyperbolic Discounting: Value and Time Processes of Substance Abusers and Non-Clinical Individuals in Intertemporal Choice, J Cheng, C González-Vallejo, PloS one 9 (11), e111378 2014

Early Positive Information Impacts Final Evaluations: No Deliberation‐Without‐Attention Effect and a Test of a Dynamic Judgment Model, C González Vallejo, J Cheng, N Phillips, J Chimeli, F Bellezza, J Harman, .Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 27 (3), 209-225 2 2014

How necessary is the unconscious as a predictive, explanatory, or prescriptive construct?, C González-Vallejo, TR Stewart, GD Lassiter, JM Weindhardt, Behavioral and Brain Sciences 37 (01), 28-28 2014

Temporal discounting in heroin-dependent patients: No sign effect, weaker magnitude effect, and the relationship with inhibitory control. J Cheng, Y Lu, X Han, C González-Vallejo, N Sui. Experimental and clinical psychopharmacology 20 (5), 400 6 2012

An examination of the proportional difference model to describe and predict health decisions. C González-Vallejo, JL Harman, E Mullet, MTM Sastre. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 118 (1), 82-97 1 2012

Assessing the merits and faults of holistic and disaggregated judgments. HR Arkes, C González‐Vallejo, AJ Bonham, YH Kung, N Bailey. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 23 (3), 250-270 5 2010

Predicting soccer matches: A reassessment of the benefit of unconscious thinking, C González-Vallejo, N Phillips. Judgment and Decision Making 5 (3), 200-206 40 2010

Cognitive models of choice: Comparing decision field theory to the proportional difference model. B Scheibehenne, J Rieskamp, C González‐Vallejo. Cognitive science 33 (5), 911-939 10 2009

The deliberation-without-attention effect evidence for an artifactual interpretation. GD Lassiter, MJ Lindberg, C González-Vallejo, FS Bellezza, ND Phillips. Psychological Science 20 (6), 671-675 100 2009

Assessment of calibration for reconstructed eye-witness memories. AJ Bonham, C González-Vallejo. Acta psychologica 131 (1), 34-52 4 2009

Emotion as a tradeable quantity. AA Reid, C González‐Vallejo. Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 22 (1), 62-90 20 2009

" Save angels perhaps": A critical examination of unconscious thought theory and the deliberation-without-attention effect. C González-Vallejo, GD Lassiter, FS Bellezza, MJ Lindberg. Review of General Psychology 12 (3), 282 79 2008

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Recent Grants

Ohio University, The Diabetic Institute. Research Award 13X053 to PI Bethany Lavins under supervision of Dr. González-Vallejo. $500. May 2013.

National Science Foundation, Decision, Risk and Management Sciences Program. Co-PI, Modeling the Underlying Dynamic Processes in Motivation and Decision Making: A Parsimonious Self-Regulatory Approach. (PI Dr. Jeff Vancouver.) $408,060. August 2009-August 2012.

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