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Psychology Experiment Sign Up

Web Based Experiment Management System

Students in introductory psychology classes can obtain direct experience with research by participating in studies conducted within the Psychology Department. If you are a student in Psychology 1010 or other courses offer research participation experience credit, access the Psychology Experiment Sign-Up System.

Find the location of an experiment:

Information for Ohio University students and researchers:

As an alternative to participation in on-going research, students can obtain research credit by responding to a set of questions regarding the methodology involved in studies reported in psychology journal articles. Articles and set of questions can be found via the link below or via an instructor. Students should read an article, complete the set of questions and either attach or paste to an email message from his or her OHIO email account to Students are expected to spend about one hour on each article and, thus, will receive one credit for each article and set of questions. IMPORTANT: Students may submit only two (2) article option forms per week (beginning/ending Saturdays at midnight) per course offering research credits. Each must be sent in separate emails (from OHIO account). Students planning not to participate in research, must plan ahead to obtain the credits desired.

Note: The Communications Studies Research Pool is a different site.

For questions on the Experimental Sign-Up System, email

Journal Articles

Possible Articles for the Article Option alternative to research:

Health Impact assessment of waste management facilities in three European countries

Predicting alcohol consumption during the month before and after beginning college

Social-cognitive correlates of risky adolescent cycling behavior

Mental health first aid training for high school teachers: a cluster randomized trial

Diagnostic thinking and information used in clinical decision-making: a qualitative study of expert and student dental clinicians

It’s More than Sex: Exploring the Dyadic Nature of Sleep and Implications for Health

Race/ethnicity and potential suicide misclassification: window on a minority suicide paradox?

Vegetarian diets are associated with healthy mood states: a cross-sectional study in Seventh Day Adventist adults

Prevalence of smoking during pregnancy and associated risk factors among Canadian women: a national survey

Coping flexibility in college students with depressive symptoms

An exploratory study of engagement in a technology-supported substance abuse intervention

Unconscious inhibition separates two forms of cognitive control

Contributing Factors for the Willingness to Donate Organs in the Hispanic American Population

Responses to Discrimination and Psychiatric Disorders Among Black, Hispanic, Female, and Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Individuals

Reduced capacity but spared precision and maintenance of working memory representations in schizophrenia

Parent-mediated communication-focused treatment in children with autism (PACT): a randomised controlled trial

Psychosis alters association between IQ and future risk of attempted suicide: cohort study of 1 109 475 Swedish men

Motivating Factors Influencing College Students’ Choice of Academic Major

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