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Preparation for Law

Students from the first cohort of the Law, Justice & Culture undergraduate certificate program

Students from the first cohort of the Law, Justice & Culture undergraduate certificate program.

Advising Tips and Choice of Pre-Law Majors

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If you plan to enter law school after earning an undergraduate degree, it is prudent to choose a major that reflects your true academic interest. Majors in History, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology are often considered excellent academic preparation for law school.

You may also want to select courses from English composition and literature, American literature, History (English and American), Political Science, Economics, Sociology, a laboratory science, Mathematics, Philosophy (include ethics and logic), Accounting, Psychology, and a foreign language. Courses in speech, and training in expression, as well as activities that develop the capacity for independent thought and action, are recommended.

  • For students interested in environmental law, the Department of Geography offers an Environmental Pre-Law major grounded in sciences preparation.
  • The Department of Philosophy offers Philosophy—Pre-Law major to prepare for the study of law through a program emphasizing logic and the analysis of social, political, and legal thought.
  • The Political Science—Pre-Law Studies major in the Department of Political Science centers on the law, justice, and political thought.

The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that to enter law school you must be able to show possession of an undergraduate degree from an approved college if you wish to take the Ohio Bar Examination. Law schools in the State of Ohio require the degree of all entering students, regardless of the state in which they plan to take the bar examination.

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