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Brown Bag lunch discussion with Amy Mackey

Dec 13, 2013 12:00 PM to Dec 9, 2013 1:30 PM
Ridges Building 22, Room: 221

Join us for a discussion with Amy Mackey, Research Assoiciate at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, for a quick overview of the Raccoon Creek Watershed, where it is, what the problems are --- effects of historic coal mining, monitoring, treatment and reclamation in the watershed --- and the recovery that we are seeing as a result of the 14 completed projects and almost $12 million spent so far.




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Zero Waste Business Development Dinner & Discussion

Dec 5, 2013 5:30 PM to Dec 5, 2013 7:30 PM
Kaiser’s Barbecue at Eclipse, 11309 Jackson Dr., he Plains, OH 45780

Venture-Fair-design CE3


5:30 pm: Welcome & Introductions & Light Appetizers

5:45 pm: Panel Discussion: Growing a Zero Waste Business

Panelists will discuss strategies for business planning, securing capital, assessing demand, network building, and creative marketing.

·Brett Bringardner, Owner, Corvus Ventures & LibriLoop

·Lissa Jollick, Director, Ohio Small Business Development Center of Southeast Ohio

·Sara Mars, Director, Athens County Economic Development Council Director

·Kyle O'Keefe, Zero Waste Initiative Coordinator, Rural Action

·Mike Long, President, Resource100

·Moderator: John Glazer, TechGROWTH Ohio Director

6:15 pm Focus Discussions Group

Attendees will share their business ideas, discuss resources they need, and network with interested parties.  Focus groups will be formed around specific areas of interest.

7:00 pm Dinner & Drinks

Free, Registration Required: erin@ruralaction.org or call 1-740-677-4047 Ext. 28
Click here for the flyer!


Click here for more information.

“Big Data” - Analytics and Visualization and their role in public administration

Nov 15, 2013 12:00 PM to Nov 15, 2013 1:30 PM
Ridges Building 22, Room: 221

 Presenter: Dr. Ani Ruhil | Associate Director of Research & Graduate Programs


Come hear all that jazz surrounding big data, analytics, and informatics in the public sector. The exponential growth of data and computing power is changing how we do business, deliver healthcare, oversee public safety, and much more.


This presentation is part of CE3's Brown Bag lunch series.





Reversing the Irreversible: Passive Treatment of Mine Waters in a Drastically Disturbed Watershed

Nov 12, 2013 3:00 PM to 
Ridges Building 22, Room 221.

Bob Nairn from the University of Oklahoma, who has done extensive work in the Tri-State Lead Zinc Mining District in Oklahoma, will be leading a seminar on the passive treatment of mine waters in degraded watersheds.

His insights hope to shed new light on fixing "irreversible damages". However, completion and evaluation of a full-scale passive treatment demonstration project, coupled with recent watershed-scale environmental monitoring efforts, indicate that ecological engineering solutions exist.

Passive treatment systems utilize naturally occurring biogeochemical and ecological processes to improve water quality and provide ancillary benefits.

"Climate Change: The Evidence, People and Our Options"

Nov 6, 2013 7:00 PM to Nov 6, 2013 8:30 PM
Walter Hall Rotunda, Ohio University

Lonnie is a recipient of the National Medal of Science - the highest possible recognition from the U.S. government - presented in 2007 by President Bush. It has been said that he has spent more time above 20,000 feet elevation than any other scientist. His career is portrayed in profiles by the national PBS "Nova" science series  as well as the Columbus public TV station.  His achievements have also been featured in the New York Times and National Geographic. 

"Dr. Thompson, 64, is one of the most prominent of the generation of scientists who, in the latter decades of  the 20th century, essentially discovered the problem of global warming..... (He) became one of the first scientists to witness and record a broad global melting of land ice...... He pulled off a string of achievements with few parallels in modern science. He led teams to some of the highest, most remote reaches of the earth to retrieve samples of endangered ice."  - New York Times, July 2, 2012

We believe the information that will be presented in this discussion is urgent and can help make well informed decisions regarding a Ohio University commitment to climate change. By providing context and a space for open dialogue, we hope that in the end you will be determined to guide Ohio University as a national leader in the fight to save our planet.

Toward Prosperity: Entrepreneurship Transforming Appalachia's Economy Conference

Nov 6, 2013 12:00 PM to Nov 7, 2013 3:30 PM
Charleston Marriott Town Center Hotel, Charleston, WV

An Appalachian Regional Commission Conference Hosted by
Governor Earl Ray Tomblin and the State of West Virginia

November 6-7, 2013
Charleston Marriott Town Center Hotel
Charleston, West Virginia

Entrepreneurs are creating a new economic model in Appalachia—one based on local investment and local ownership—and their impact is already being felt in some of the Region's core sectors, such as manufacturing, health care, and food production. The Appalachian Regional Commission's November 2013 Toward Prosperity: Entrepreneurship Transforming Appalachia's Economy conference will explore ways Appalachian communities can develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem that provides support and growth opportunities for both new and established businesses. Community leaders, economic development officials and practitioners, and public and private funding partners will share practical ideas and discuss new approaches to boosting local entrepreneurship.

For more information, visit the conference website here: http://www.cvent.com/d/y4qjw1

Visit the conference website here.

The 2013 CE3 Energy Webinar Series #5: An Update on CHP and WER in Ohio

Nov 5, 2013 12:00 PM to Nov 5, 2013 1:15 PM
Online Webinar

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View the .pdf flyer.

In June 2012, Governor Kasich signed Ohio Senate Bill 315 into law, allowing combined heat and power (CHP) and waste energy recovery (WER) to qualify as technologies to help energy users meet the provisions of Ohio's alternative energy portfolio standard, SB 221. CHP and WER seem like obvious go-to energy efficiency projects for large energy producers and users because of their ability to purposefully capture and utilize the heat generated from operations. Join us to hear the experts discuss how successful these programs are in Ohio today and what current challenges and opportunities exist. Our speakers include:

  • Matt Butler, Administrative Officer, Energy and Environment, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
  • Dan Loero, Gas Turbines Product Marketing Leader, Distributed Power, GE Power & Water
  • Ethan Rogers, Senior Program Manager, Industry, American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)
  • Moderator: Michael Zimmer, Executive in Residence, Energy & Environment, Ohio University Voinovich School CE3

For more information visit http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/resources/webinars.cfm, or to submit a question for the panelists in advance, please contact Elissa Welch, Project Manager, at welche@ohio.edu or 740-537-0112.

Ohio's Energy Future | Energy Symposium

Oct 31, 2013 7:00 AM to Oct 31, 2013 1:15 PM
350 N High St Columbus, OH 43215

Global energy demand will increase by 56% by 2040 as developing countries rapidly industrialize and pursue a standard of living on par with the US. 

Even with growing shale oil and gas development, global demand will create upward cost pressures on energy in all corners of the world, including Ohio. To remain competitive, Ohio will need every source of innovative, secure and affordable energy, and every energy efficiencey advantage it can develop. 

At the first annual conference on Ohio's Energy Future, you will hear insights into Ohio's future energy landscape and the potential impact of rising energy demand on consumers.  Industry leaders such as AEP CEO Nick Akins will offer their perspectives on how the US needs to prepare for the future.
In panel sessions, attendees will focus on future energy strategies, energy innovations, and cost saving opportunities. Attendees will also network with other business leaders who are interested in creating a more predictable energy future for Ohio.

Ohio's Energy Future

21st Annual National Nonpoint Source Monitoring Conference and Workshops: Working Together to Protect and Restore Our Water Resources

Oct 28, 2013 8:00 AM to Oct 30, 2013 1:00 PM
Wyndham Cleveland at Playhouse Square, Cleveland, OH

CE3 Environmental Project Manager, Jen Bowman, will be presenting at this conference on Monday at 3:30pm: "Collaborative Bio-monitoring at the State and Local Level to Track Acid Mine Drain Remediation Achievements in Southeast Ohio, Yields Success." See the full agenda here: https://npsmonitoring.tetratech-ffx.com/agenda.htm.


The Nonpoint Source (NPS) Monitoring Workshop is an important forum for sharing information and communicating ways to control and track NPS pollution at its source and in receiving waterbodies. The focus of the 21st Annual NPS Monitoring Workshop is holistic and inclusive approaches to assessing and solving problems in watersheds largely impacted by nonpoint sources of pollution. Integration of resources and skills from the private and public sectors will be emphasized, with a number of sessions devoted to bringing together individuals from a wide range of backgrounds including science, engineering, business, public policy, education, and community groups. Project examples from the Great Lakes Region will be coupled with specific technical and programmatic sessions to help individuals better understand the full range of resources and skills that can be pooled together to solve our Nation's water quality problems at the local and watershed levels.

This event will bring together NPS monitoring and management personnel from state, federal, Tribal and municipal governments, the private sector, academia, environmental groups, and local watershed organizations to provide examples of lessons learned from completed NPS projects, demonstrations of new technologies and monitoring approaches, and documentation of successful application of NPS control practices, measures, programs, and policies.

Conference website

Rising Temps and Emerging Threats: The Intersection of Climate Change and National Security in the 21st Century

Oct 25, 2013 8:45 AM to Oct 25, 2013 6:00 PM
Chase Community Center |Vermont Law School | South Royalton, VT

On Friday, October 25th, 2013, Geoff Dabelko will be joining a wide array of experts to address a number of pressing security issues facing the U.S. and international community at the 2013-2014 Symposium hosted by the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law. Panelists will discuss, debate, and address the real and immediate threats that climate change presents to:

·national security;

·the military's adaptations and response to climate change;

·the growing threat of climate based forced migration; and

·food security as national security.

Dabelko will be joining Dr. James Baker, John Steinbruner, and moderator Melissa Scanlan in a morning discussion looking at climate change and national security. Respectively, these speakers will be giving various perspectives as directors for global carbon measurement, environmental studies education, and international and security studies.

This Fall 2013 symposium's focus takes an in-depth look at the intersection of climate change and
national security in the 21st century.


To learn more about the Fall 2013 Program please visit here.
To register for the symposium click here.



Raccoon Creek Partnership Annual Dinner

Oct 20, 2013 4:00 PM to 
New Marshfield (Waterloo) Community Center. (4005 Old State Rt. 56, across from the post office).

The annual RCP dinner will be geared up for a great time to celebrate our watersheds. The dinner will be a family-style potluck for everyone to bring a dish to share. There will also be a silent auction (featuring local gift certificates,homemade crafts and food items from many local businesses, artists, and gardeners) and a 50/50 Raffle! The annual dinner is a great time to renew your membership for the upcoming year and get caught up on the happenings in Raccoon Creek over the past year.

Raccoon Creek Events Page

The Garden as a Classroom: Cultivating Sustainability Awareness at the West State Research Site

Oct 18, 2013 12:00 PM to Oct 18, 2013 1:30 PM
Ridges Building 22, Room: 221

Sarah Minkin, an environmental education, design, and outreach graduate assistant with the Voinovich School's Environmental Studies Program, will be presenting her sustainability education research and application project during the CE3 Brown Bag Lunch. Sarah is a National Wildlife Federation and Ohio University 1804 Fund grant recipient for her efforts to support local sustainability education in the Athens community. The CE3 Brown Bag Series is open to all interested in learning more about the Voinovich School's energy and environmental projects.

Webinar - 40th Anniversary of Oil Embargo

Oct 16, 2013 12:00 PM to Oct 16, 2013 1:30 PM
Online Webinar

Moderated by Voinovich School Executive in Residence for Energy and the Environment, Michael Zimmer

Forty years ago, the Oil Embargo evidenced how dependent the United States is on foreign energy sources. Americans were left vulnerable and exposed to the long-term possibility of high oil prices, disrupted supply, wars driven by the need for oil, and recession. It is imperative that we, as a nation, learn from the past and continue to expand, diversify and invest in our energy supply portfolio.

Over 25 recent studies show that, when taken in aggregate, the U.S.  and the world can meet most-or-all of our energy needs with commercially-available high value energy efficiency and renewable energy. Contrary to popular belief, five of the renewable options already provide sustained 24-hour electric power: biopower, hydropower & marine energy, and geothermal, as well as some concentrated solar thermal power technologies.

These technologies are already commercially competitive with $269 billion of private sector global investment reached in 2012. Our program will demonstrate the advances made since 1983, and highlight how renewables are the competitive and sustainable global building block for the 21st century.

This is part of the monthly Renewable Energy Seminar and Teleconference Series brought to you by the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) in collaboration with the Renewable, Alternative and Distributed Energy Resources Committee of the American Bar Association SEER Section.


Call Time:
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm ET


Northern Ohio Energy and Innovation Summit - POSTPONED as of October 14

Oct 14, 2013 8:00 AM to Oct 14, 2013 5:00 PM
NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

NOTE: This event has been postponed due to the shutdown of the federal government. For questions, please contact Nick Turner at 440-225-0574 or email Nick.Turner@mail.house.gov.


The Northern Ohio Energy and Innovation Summit will be held at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland on October 16.

The summit is presented by Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur and the Department of Energy National Laboratories in partnership with NorTech, is hosted by NASA Glenn Research Center, and is sponsored by Case Western Reserve University, a member of the University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio along with Ohio University and other institutions.

The event will showcase regional energy and manufacturing activities, priorities and successes. It will also show attendees how to access opportunities, resources and expertise available through the DOE National Laboratories. Some of the topics to be addressed include wind and solar resources, energy efficiency, energy storage and fuel cells, among others. U.S. Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz will provide the keynote address.

For more information and to register, please visit https://neoenergysummit.eventbrite.com.



Regional Conference: MORPC’s 2013 Summit on Sustainability & the Environment

Oct 8, 2013 8:00 AM to Oct 8, 2013 4:30 PM
COSI, 333 W. Broad St., Columbus, OH

morpc summit 2013


The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC) will present the 2013 Summit on Sustainability & the Environment on October 8 at COSI in Columbus, Ohio. The Summit is MORPC's signature environmental conference, bringing hundreds of community leaders together to network and share sustainable practices for government, business and the community with professional development opportunities.

The Summit theme, Building Resiliency for a Climate of Change, will explore ways to use adaptive management practices to build regional economic competitiveness and minimize climate-related impacts on public health, natural resources and infrastructure. Breakout sessions will feature emerging topics in sustainability, including energy, green corporate strategies, transportation, local food, climate adaptation planning and more. More information about the breakout sessions can be found here.

Visit www.greenregion.org or contact Brandi Whetstone at bwhetstone@morpc.org or 614-233-4174 for more information and to register.


For more information, click here.

CE3 Event “A Workshop for Efficiency, Emissions and Energy Choices in Ohio”

Sep 27, 2013 8:00 AM to Sep 27, 2013 3:30 PM
Quest Conference Center, 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240

Interested in energy and emissions and how to save money managing both?
Click here to register now!
For the most current workshop information, please visit: www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp.

Emissions Dots Pic

Building upon the state and federal momentum in energy efficiency and emissions management, this one-day workshop will explore how efficiency measures can help Ohio's stakeholders achieve their energy cost-savings and emissions goals. New this year, we will have two tracks that allow for in-depth discussion into 1) Efficiency & Emissions and 2) Shale Energy Emissions.

CE3 is pleased to welcome Cincinnati native U.S. Senator Rob Portman as the morning keynote speaker to address the exciting progress made on the Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act he has co-sponsored with Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (NH). This bipartisan bill will help drive growth in the energy efficiency sector nationwide.

Watch for additional speakers to be announced soon at www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp! Register now to secure your spot at the workshop!

Click here to view the flyer.
Interested in sponsorship opportunities? Click here.

Questions? Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu or 740-537-0112.

Click here to register and view the conference details.

Special Seminar Announcement: “Biomass Feedstocks for the Temperate U.S.”

Sep 17, 2013 10:30 AM to Sep 17, 2013 12:00 PM
Ohio University Voinovich School, The Ridges, Bldg 22, Room 221

The Ohio University Voinovich School is pleased to host Dr. Tom Voigt, Department of Crop Sciences and Energy Biosciences Institute, University of Illinois to discuss "Biomass Feedstocks for the Temperate U.S." on September 17, 2013 at 10:30 AM. Dr. Voigt will be speaking as part of Voinovich School Assistant Professor Dr. Sarah Davis's Tuesday class. All are welcome.

Click here to view the flyer.

This seminar will present objectives for selecting feedstocks and a brief survey of grasses, forbs, and woody plants being studied for use as biomass feedstocks in temperate U.S. regions. The majority of the seminar will then focus on research being conducted on the feedstocks, giant miscanthus (Miscanthus x giganteus) and switchgrass (Panicum virgatum). Giant miscanthus is a sterile genotype originally collected in Japan, and switchgrass is native to the U.S. tallgrass prairie. Information about each species, specific planting and management techniques, and results of biomass productivity studies will be presented.

Dr. Tom Voigt is associate professor and extension specialist at the University of Illinois and has worked at the Urbana campus since 1987. Voigt studies the selection and management of perennial grasses used in turf, landscape, and bioenergy production. He currently leads the Energy Biosciences Institute Feedstock Production/Agronomy Program and the Department of Energy-funded North Central Sun Grant Feedstock Partnership Miscanthus x giganteus Evaluations and contributed the Miscanthus x giganteus portion of the U.S. DOE's U.S. Billion Ton Update published in 2011. He holds degrees in horticulture from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.

For additional information, contact Dr. Davis at daviss6@ohio.edu.

From UCEAO partner OSU: Panel "Achieving Clean Energy Goals - Meeting Technical and Policy Challenges"

Sep 11, 2013 7:15 AM to Sep 11, 2013 9:30 AM
Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center, Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State University's Environmental Professional Network will host the morning panel "Achieving Clean Energy Goals - Meeting Technical and Policy Challenges" on September 11. Join your colleagues in the environmental and natural resources community for networking, great speakers and presentations, and a warm breakfast on the 2nd Tuesday of every month (Note: The EPN Monthly Breakfast Club meets on Wednesday for September 2013). The breakfasts are held at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center at OSU.

On September 11, the panel of experts and leaders includes:

  • Mike Benzakein, Wright Brothers Institute Professor; Director, Propulsion and Power Center, OSU
  • Robert J. Davis, Director, Nanotech West Lab, OSU
  • Erich Grotewold, Director, Center for Applied Plant Sciences, OSU
  • Scott Weaver, Manager, Strategic Policy Analysis, AEP
  • Moderator: Kate Bartter, Associate Director, OSU Office of Energy and Environment

For more information and to register, visit: http://epn.osu.edu/events/epn-breakfast-club-september-2013

Free Employment Data Webinar: Learn How to Make the Data Work for You!

Aug 15, 2013 1:00 PM to Aug 15, 2013 2:00 PM

The Voinovich School's newly released Employment Dashboard allows viewers to:

  • Access industry and employment data by county, local development district, or JobsOhio region
  • Find data on specific sectors
  • Learn how industries have grown or declined since 2006
  • Customize the user-friendly data for your county or region's needs.

Join a how-to session with developers Vlad Pascal and Steve Porter to learn how to navigate the dashboard, ask questions about the tool, and download it on your own computer.

RSVP Now! Call 740-593-1786, or email

Sponsored by: the U.S. Economic Development Administration

Dashboard available at: http://voinovichschool.ohio.edu/employment/index.html

(Note: Webinar requires Adobe Flash Player. Please visit
http://get2.adobe.com/flashplayer in advance to install the latest version.)

Burning River Fest Outstanding Environmental Leader Award

Jul 27, 2013 6:00 PM to Jul 27, 2013 11:00 PM
Whiskey Island, Lake Erie

Each year the Burning River Foundation, in association with McMahon DeGulis LLP, recognizes an individual or organization who has shown exceptional environmental leadership over a sustained period. The focus is on environmental leadership in the Northeast Ohio region and Lake Erie.

Last year's recipient of this award was the Ohio University Voinovich School's namesake Sen. George Voinovich for his numerous efforts to improve and protect water quality in Lake Erie over the years that he was Mayor of The City of Cleveland, Governor of Ohio and lastly as Senior Senator from Ohio.

The recipient of the 2013 award will be announced at the Burning River Fest on Saturday July 27 at 8:30 pm. July at the Historic Coast Guard Station in Wendy Park, on Whiskey Island, 6 – 11 p.m. It's a great party for a good cause! The proceeds from this event fund environmental projects in the greater Northeast Ohio region through an open granting process.


More information on the festival and the foundations is available at www.burningriverfoundation.org.


Ohio EPA Level II Credible Data - Chemical Water Quality Assessment Training

Jul 9, 2013 9:00 AM to Jul 11, 2013 5:00 PM
Ohio University Athens Campus & Waterloo Aquatic Education Center

OWRC training photos 003

Instructors: Jennifer Bowman and Dr. Natalie Kruse
Cost: $300 per person (does not include meals)
When: July 9-11
Register now!

Location: Ohio University’s Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs in Athens, Ohio: Building 22, The Ridges, Room 214 & the Waterloo Aquatic Education Center in New Marshfield, Ohio along Hewett Fork of the Raccoon Creek Watershed

Description: The Chemical Water Quality Assessment Training as developed for OEPA’s volunteer monitoring program is intended for people who want training in water quality sampling, measuring stream discharge/flow, and/or creating a sampling plan or Level 2 Credible Data project study plan. It is appropriate for everyone from government agency staff to students working in surface water assessment. This training is NOT required to apply for Level 2/3 Chemical Water Quality Assessment QDC approval. No prerequisites or previous experience are required to take this training.

The training provides a detailed look at water sampling, discharge/flow measurement, quality assurance and quality control, and Level 2 study plan and data quality objectives development. Each section stresses the importance of careful planning; proper equipment calibration and use; and safety. Integrated hands-on training exercises build confidence with field methods while stressing protocol and ensuring accurate data collection. Exercises include how to collect water samples, measure discharge/flow, and write a Level 2 study plan. These exercises promote accurate measurements and data compilation that are essential to quality control and data analysis.

This training can be used as a methods refresher or to increase your understanding of sampling strategies and data quality objectives and how to generate an appropriate project study plan. The training is also accompanied by a field guide specifically developed to accompany the materials presented. This field guide focuses on high quality, affordable field methods training. The manual contents are summarized below:
-Chapter One: Water Sample Collection, provides protocols for a number of field data collection procedures. Discussions include maintaining quality in collecting water samples and proper equipment calibration, step-by-step protocol for collecting a number of field parameters are covered, and for the collection of filtered and non-filtered water quality samples. Included in the training are examples of sample bottle labeling, completing chain of custody forms, and holding times.
-Chapter Two: Flow Measurement, provides detailed instructions for measuring stream discharge. Along with instructions for maintaining quality during discharge measurement and calibrating equipment, guidance for determining flow through the use of Pygmy current meters, portable cut-throat flumes, using a bucket and stopwatch, estimating flow using various methods, and accessing USGS gaging stations for discharge data are examined.
-Chapter Three: Study plans and Data Quality Objectives (DQO) begins with a discussion of study plan contents, specific DQO, planning for water quality assessment, background information (topographic maps, geologic maps, existing water quality data), and how the nature of different sampling strategies will lead to meeting the goals of a sampling plan and ultimately the Level 2 study plan. This is followed by a discussion on laboratory quality assurance plans.

Please contact Jen Bowman at bowmanj2@ohio.edu for more information. Note that spots are very limited. Click here to register!
Tuesday, July 9th: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday, July 10th: 1pm - 5pm
Thursday, July 11th: 9am - 5pm

CE3 Energy Webinar Series #3: "A Roadmap for Industrial Energy Efficiency in Ohio"

Jun 11, 2013 12:00 PM to Jun 11, 2013 1:15 PM

iStock_000014012585_Large lightbulb cropped


Large industrial energy users in Ohio, including those in the "MUSH" market (municipal and state governments, universities, schools and hospitals), are embracing the energy efficiency targets of Ohio energy bill S.B. 221 in innovative ways.  Hear what the experts are saying about how Ohio entities are saving money and energy and what more can be done.

If you have a stake in Ohio's energy future, don't miss this fantastic lineup!

Seating is limited – register now!

Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu or visit http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/resources/webinars.cfm for more information.

This event is hosted by CE3 with funding from the U.S. EPA under Assistance Agreement No. XA-83492901-0. Learn more about this project, "Assisting Ohio Stakeholders with EPA's Mandatory Reporting Requirements," at www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp.

2nd Annual State of the Region Conference "Shale and Beyond"

Jun 4, 2013 8:00 AM to Jun 4, 2013 3:30 PM
Ohio University Athens Campus Walter Hall Rotunda

The 2nd Annual State of the Region Conference, "Shale and Beyond," will build upon information and data presented one year ago in our inaugural meeting where we discussed "Understanding the Boom and Bust Cycle for Greater Sustainability."

Panel discussions will include: Education and Workforce Development, Community Impacts, Capturing Local Wealth, Policy and Environmental Impacts, Jobs and Economic Development. Earl Gohl, federal co-chair of the Appalachian Regional Commission, will be the capstone speaker.

Click here for the flier!

There is no charge for attending the conference.  Click here to register now, as space is limited.
Sponsorship opportunities and informational display tables are available. For more information, contact Anna Jensen, jensena@ohio.edu.

Backdraft: The Conflict Potential of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation (Webcast)

May 16, 2013 9:00 AM to May 16, 2013 11:00 AM
Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington, D.C. (& webcast)

Amid the growing number of reports warning that climate change threatens security, one potentially dangerous—but counterintuitive—dimension has been largely ignored. Could efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and lower our vulnerability to climate change inadvertently exacerbate existing conflicts? How do we ensure mitigation and adaptation strategies do not create new conflicts?  How can policymakers anticipate and minimize these potential risks?  More ambitiously, can these efforts actually help build peace?  

Backdraft: The Conflict Potential of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation—the latest edition of the ECSP Report—gathers leading environmental security experts to analyze these underexplored aspects of responding to climate change.


Dr. Geoff Dabelko, Director, Environmental Studies, will be one of the featured speakers. For more information on the event, click here.

Ohio Advanced Energy Roundtable: Sponsored By Ohioans for Clean Affordable Energy

May 14, 2013 6:30 PM to May 14, 2013 8:00 PM
The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center, Columbus, OH

 The Ohio Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency Roundtable is an event bringing together Ohio’s top advanced energy, energy efficiency and policy experts for an in-depth conversation the state of Ohio’s advanced energy economy and where its poised to head next. The Roundtable will feature a discussion led by Scott Miller, Director of Energy and Environmental Programs at Ohio University’s Voinovich School. The conversation will focus on Ohio’s technological strengths, changes in energy markets and particular focus on the direction of where policy needs to go in the future. At the same time the roundtable will discuss a current review of energy policy at the Ohio statehouse.

Panelists include the following individuals as well as representatives of the following businesses:

  • Kevin Hallinan, University of Dayton, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and expert in Environmentally Conscious Design
  • Eric Zimmer, CEO, Tipping Point Energy, one of Ohio’s top developers of distributed energy generation
  • LEED Co, the Leaders of Ohio’s Promising Offshore Wind Energy Development
  • EnerNOC Corporation, a national leading provider of energy efficiency and demand response services
  • John Seyrak, CEO, Go Sustainable Energy, a Central Ohio-based business providing cost-saving energy efficiency plans to commercial and industrial customers
  • Scott Miller, Director Energy and Environmental Programs, Ohio University Voinovich School CE3, moderator

Light refreshments will be provided at the event.
The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center
Room:  Pfahl 140
2110 Tuttle Park Place
Columbus, OH 43210

To RSVP email Nolan Moser at nolan@theoec.org. For more information call 614-214-0467.

Sponsored By Ohioans for Clean Affordable Energy

Athens Area Business and Energy Program Meeting

May 14, 2013 10:00 AM to May 14, 2013 11:00 AM
Ohio University Innovation Center, Conference Room 103, 340 West State Street, Athens, OH

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Small Business Administration (SBA), and the Ohio Development Service Agency invite you to an informational meeting to be held at the Ohio University Innovation Center, Conference Room 103, 340 West State Street, Athens, OH on May 14th  from 10 until 11. Directions to the Innovation Center can be found at here (http://www.ohio.edu/research/innovation/directions). Parking passes are necessary and can be obtained from the front desk.
Ohio University is pleased to help host this informal meeting to provide information about the business programs and services available through these agencies and others with a question and answer session to follow the short presentations.  The USDA will specifically discuss the Rural Energy for America Program grant available to rural small businesses and agricultural producers.  The application deadline for the grant program is May 31, 2013.
All are welcome to attend.  
10:00 - Randy Monhemius, USDA
10:15 - Will Bowdish, SBA
10:30 - Tara Campbell, Finance Fund
10:40 - David Meadows, Ohio Development Service Agency             
10:50 - Jonathan Sowash, TechGrowth
11:00 - Tina Meunier, Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District
If you have any questions or would like additional information, please call Randy Monhemius at (614) 255-2424 or email Randy.Monhemius@oh.usda.gov.

Southeast Ohio Food Scrap Recovery Network Meeting

May 10, 2013 10:00 AM to May 10, 2013 2:00 PM
Lake Hope Lodge, 27331 SR 278, McArthur, OH 45651

Food Scraps


Participants: Food Scrap Generators, Collectors, Haulers and Facilities
Purpose: To build the Southeast Ohio Network of Stakeholders


10:00 am Registration/Exhibits/Networking
10:30 am Welcome and Introductions
10:35 am Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative Local and Regional Efforts
10:45 am Food Waste Diversion in State of Ohio | Ohio EPA
11:00 am Overview of the Ohio Food Scrap Recovery Network
11:15 am Presentations by Generators, Collectors, Haulers and Facilities
12:30 pm Questions
12:45 pm FREE Lunch and Networking

We encourage all food scrap generators, collectors, haulers and facilities to attend and also consider speaking about their food scrap recycling efforts.

This is a FREE event, but you do need to register to attend.

Please RSVP to Tonya Woodruff at 614-448-1631 or foundation@ohiogrocers.org.
Click here to view the flyer.

CE3 Energy Webinar Series #2: "State Trends and Ohio Shale Development"

May 7, 2013 12:00 PM to May 7, 2013 1:15 PM

Hear what the experts have to say about how the trends in shale development around the region are impacting Ohio and how the experiences of other states can inform Ohio's path forward for the better.

Speakers include:

  • Scott Anderson, National Policy Director, Natural Gas, Environmental Defense Fund (updated)
  • Andrew Place, Interim Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Shale Development & Corporate Director, Energy & Environmental Policy, EQT Corporation
  • Eric Planey, Vice-President, International Business Attraction, Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber
  • Moderator: Former Congressman Zachary T. Space, Principal, Vorys Advisors LLC

If you have a stake in Ohio's energy future, don't miss this fantastic lineup!

Seating is limited – register now!

Click here to view the webinar flyer.

Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu for more information.

This event is hosted by CE3 with funding from the U.S. EPA under Assistance Agreement No. XA-83492901-0. Learn more about this project, "Assisting Ohio Stakeholders with EPA's Mandatory Reporting Requirements," at www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp.

A conversation with Bob Deans: Climate change, clean energy, and the challenges of environmental journalism

Apr 8, 2013 10:30 AM to Apr 8, 2013 12:00 PM
Ohio University Athens Campus, The Ridges, Bldg 21 Room 105

Bob Deans

Please join fellow Voinovich School students, staff, and faculty for a conversation with Bob Deans of the NRDC this Monday, April 8th at 10:30am at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs.
Come engage Bob on climate change, clean energy, and the challenges of environmental journalism. A long-time journalist, author, and now spokesperson for NRDC, Deans is visiting Ohio University as a guest of the Scripps College of Communication.

Many thanks to distinguished journalist and OU alum Andy Alexander, affiliated with both Scripps and the Voinovich School, for bringing Deans to the Ridges for this conversation.

Deans is the NRDC Federal Communications Director and Senior Advisor to the NRDC Action Fund. After spending nearly three decades as a newspaper reporter, including a stint as Chief Asia Correspondent for The Atlanta-Journal Constitution and other Cox newspapers. A former president of the White House Correspondents' Association, Deans is author of the 2007 book The River Where American Began: A Journey Along the James. He is the co-author of the 2009 book, Clean Energy Common Sense: An American Call to Action on Global Climate Change, and the 2010 book, In Deep Water: The Anatomy of a Disaster, the Fate of the Gulf, and Ending our Oil Addiction. In 2012, he authored the first book for the NRDC Action Fund, Reckless: The Political Assault on the American Environment. A native of Richmond, Va., Deans lives in Bethesda, Md., with his wife and their three children.

Blog link: http://www.nrdcactionfund.org/updates/the-attack-on-the-environment-must-stop-by-bob-deans.html/

For more information, contact Environmental Studies Director Geoff Dabelko at dabelkog@ohio.edu

CE3 Energy Webinar Series: “Ohio’s Transmission & Distribution Future"

Apr 2, 2013 12:00 PM to Apr 2, 2013 1:15 PM

Hear what the experts have to say about how federal regulations, market conditions and fuel diversification are changing the outlook for Ohio's electricity generation and T&D infrastructure.

Speakers include:

  • Benjamin Schlesinger, President, Benjamin Schlesinger and Associates, LLC
  • Todd A. Snitchler, Chairman, The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO)
  • Pablo A. Vegas, President & Chief Operating Officer, AEP Ohio, American Electric Power
  • Moderator: Michael J. Zimmer, Executive in Residence, CE3 & Senior Counsel, Thompson Hine, LLC

If you have a stake in Ohio's energy future, don't miss this fantastic lineup!

Seating is limited – register now!

Click here to view the webinar flyer.

Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu for more information.

This event is hosted by CE3 with funding from the U.S. EPA under Assistance Agreement No. XA-83492901-0. Learn more about this project, "Assisting Ohio Stakeholders with EPA's Mandatory Reporting Requirements," at www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp.

Presentation by Dr. Kenneth E. Foote: "Memorialization of US College and University Tragedies: Spaces of Mourning and Remembrance"

Mar 19, 2013 7:30 PM to Mar 19, 2013 9:30 PM
Ohio University's Baker Center Theatre, Athens Campus

Dr. Kenneth E. Foote, author of the award-winning book Shadowed Ground: America's Landscapes of Violence and Tragedy, will be presenting a public lecture on how colleges and universities have responded to recent tragedies on their campuses at Ohio University's Baker Center Theatre on Tuesday, March 19 at 7:30 p.m.

Foote's presentation, "Memorialization of US College and University Tragedies: Spaces of Mourning and Remembrance," will discuss how memorials-both planned and spontaneous-have emerged at places such as Virginia Tech, Northern Illinois, and Texas A & M, and how those memorials both draw upon and depart from older ways of mourning on college campuses.

A light reception will follow, co-sponsored by Ohio University's Scripps College of Communication, College of Arts & Sciences, Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, School of Communication Studies, Center for International Studies, and Department of Geography.

Click here to view the flyer for Dr. Foote's presentation at the Voinovich
School on Wednesday, March 20.

2013 Darwin Lecture with Dr. Patricia Wright

Mar 14, 2013 4:00 PM to Mar 14, 2013 5:30 PM
Baker Center Theater, Ohio University Athens Campus

pat wright


The Ohio Center for Ecology & Evolutionary Studies is pleased to announce the 2013 Darwin Lecture, co-sponsored by the Kennedy Lecture Series, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Environmental Studies & African Studies.

Dr. Patricia Wright, renowned professor of anthropology from Stony Brook University will present on Thursday, March 14 in Baker Theater at 4:00 PM. The title of her lecture will be "If only Darwin had gone to Madagascar..."

There will be a meet & greet and book signing afterwards.

Click here for a flier.

“Global Resource Politics” lecture by expert Dr. Stacy D. VanDeveer

Mar 11, 2013 7:00 PM to Mar 11, 2013 9:00 PM
Ohio University Athens Campus, Porter Hall, Room 102


Dr. Stacy D. VanDeveer will present a public lecture entitled "Global Resource Politics" on Monday, March 11th at 7 PM in Ohio University's Porter Hall, Room 102.

Globally, demand for nearly every natural resource is on the increase. Energy, minerals, land, food, water—higher consumption levels are driving resource politics on a global level. These global resource dynamics pose fundamental challenges to our national and international political institutions.

Dr. Stacy D. VanDeveer, associate professor of political science at the University of New Hampshire, will address global resource dynamics and their impacts on international and human security, asking the question, how can we manage these challenges more effectively?

Dr. VanDeveer, co-editor of the leading journal Global Environmental Politics, has published extensively on international environmental policy, consumption and global commodity markets, and environmental security. He regularly contributes to a range of national and international policy debates, most recently as a fellow at the TransAtlantic Academy in Washington, D.C.

Dr. VanDeveer's visit to Athens is sponsored by Ohio University's Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, its Environmental Studies Program and CE3.

Contact: Dr. Geoff Dabelko, director of environmental studies at dabelkog@ohio.edu for more information.

Professor Michele Morrone to host fracking discussion on Wednesday

Feb 27, 2013 5:00 PM to Feb 27, 2013 7:00 PM
Baker Center Front Room

Michele Morrone, an Ohio University associate professor of social and public health, will discuss hydraulic fracking at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27 in the Baker University Center Front Room.

In this Science Café Conversation titled, "The Science of Fracking," Morrone will focus on the current state of the science related to the public health impacts with hydraulic fracturing.

Specifically, she will explore public discourse related to the environmental and public heath consequences of hydraulic fracturing in the context of scientific uncertainty.

"The case of fracking is an example of the importance and limitations of science in framing discussion about policy related to environmental health issues," said Morrone.

Morrone said she will ask audience members their thoughts on the safety of hydraulic fracking. She will ask if they will believe that there have been more than 1,000 documented cases of water contamination next to areas of gas drilling as well as cases of sensory, respiratory and neurological damage due to ingested contaminated water. Also will they believe that in the end, hydraulic fracking produces approximately 300,000 barrels of natural gas a day, but at the price of numerous environmental, safety, and health hazards.

She will also ask her audience members if they believe that hydraulic fracking has safely extracted gas without any confirmed cases of water contamination?

Morrone will explore these two different viewpoints at the presentation.

Science Cafés are free venues for students interested in the sciences and engineering to informally share their interests during a conversational exchange with faculty, staff and the community in a
friendly setting.


From staff reports

For more information, click here.

Shale Gas from Poland to Pennsylvania - a talk by Dimiter Kenarov

Feb 25, 2013 5:00 PM to Feb 25, 2013 6:30 PM
Ohio University, Porter Hall Room 105, Athens, Ohio



Join us for an engaging presentation on shale gas development by Pulitzer Center journalist Dimiter Kenarov on Monday, Feb. 25 at 5:00 PM in Porter Hall. For more information about Kenarov's work, click here to be redirected to the Pulitzer Center's website.

2013 Ohio Clean Energy Challenge

Jan 29, 2013 7:30 AM to Jan 29, 2013 7:00 PM
The Blackwell Inn and Conference Center, Columbus, Ohio

The University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio (UCEAO) and NorTech are pleased to present the 2013 Ohio Clean Energy Challenge - an opportunity to witness firsthand the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs. On January 29 at The Blackwell in Columbus, 12 student teams from across the state will present their energy solutions to a panel of judges. The winning team will advance to the regional competition in Chicago in April. The Challenge is part of the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition run by the U.S. Department of Energy.

UCEAO Challenge Website

Science Cafe - Chemical Climate Change and Sustainability

Jan 23, 2013 5:00 PM to Jan 23, 2013 6:00 PM
Baker University Center Front Room, Ohio University Athens Campus

Join Jared DeForest, associate professor in the environmental and plant biology department, for this month’s Science Café, "Chemical Climate Change and Sustainability,” on Wed., Jan. 23, at 5 p.m. in Baker University Center's Front Room.

DeForest will discuss how the chemistry of the environment and the consequences of human activities affect plants and ecosystems. The first 50 attendees will receive free coffee.


Sustainability: Stewardship, the Economy and Why Bother?

Jan 23, 2013 11:00 AM to Jan 23, 2013 12:00 PM
Friends of the Library Room - 319, Alden Library, Ohio University, Athens campus

Mike Zimmer


Are economic and environmental sustainability mutually exclusive?

Please join CE3 at 11:00 am Wednesday, January 23rd in the Friends of the Library Room, 319 Alden as we explore this topic with Michael Zimmer, executive in residence for the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs at OU. Through his talk entitled "Sustainability -- Stewardship, the Economy and Why Bother?," Mr. Zimmer will discuss the issues facing our society over the next century and how, by instilling principles of sustainability into our public and private institutions, we can help meet our growing needs. Particular emphasis will be placed upon the private sector’s role in promoting sustainable practices as well as organizations who are actively involved in making it happen.  

This lecture is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served.

Media requests should be directed to: Scott Miller at millers1@ohio.edu.


Click here to view the flyer.

OU Innovation Center Lunch & Learn

Jan 17, 2013 11:30 AM to Jan 17, 2013 1:00 PM
Ohio University Innovation Center, Conference Room 103, Athens, OH 45701

East Central Ohio Tech Angel Fund

Chris Gerig, founding member of the East Central Ohio Technical Angel Fund, will discuss what Angel Investing is, how it differs from other types of investment, and who Angels are and why they invest. Is Angel investment right for your business and, if so, how can you best position yourself for serious consideration. View flyer.

Please RSVP to Trenia Twyman by 12:00 pm on Tuesday, January 15th at twyman@ohio.edu.

Natalie Kruse to discuss mine reclamation in Oct. 31 Science Cafe

Oct 31, 2012 5:00 PM to Oct 31, 2012 8:00 PM
Baker University Center Front Room, Ohio University, Athens Campus

Natalie Kruse, environmental studies professor in the Voinovich School, will present "Sustainability: Mining and Mine Reclamation," at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 31 in the Baker University Center Front Room in a Science Café discussion.


Learn more at http://www.ohio.edu/compass/stories/12-13/10/natalie-kruse-science-cafe.cfm.

For more information, click here.

Advanced Energy B2B Conference & Expo

Oct 30, 2012 7:30 AM to Oct 31, 2012 3:30 PM
Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio

Ohio University's Voinovich School, CE3 and TechGROWTH Ohio are proud to sponsor the Advanced Energy B2B Conference and Expo 2012!


The Advanced Energy B2B Conference & Expo is the largest venue for companies, technologies and researchers driving progress in advanced energy in Ohio. This statewide event is an ideal forum to share ideas for developing the next generation of energy technologies.
The conference will feature:
- Best practices in advanced energy innovation
- Insight into emerging industry trends
- Informative sessions with industry leaders
- A robust exhibition hall
- Keynote speakers:
 * Todd Snitchler, Chairman, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
 * Bill Ritter Jr., Former Colorado Governor and Director, Center for the New Energy Economy at Colorado State University
To register or for more information visit: www.advancedenergyexpo.com.
Student Registration Rate Available
Event organizers are also offering a reduced registration rate of $100 for undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in accredited academic institutions in Ohio. By attending the event students will learn about the latest advanced energy developments in Ohio, engage with industry leaders developing cutting-edge technologies and products, and see real-world advanced energy applications. 
Student Registration Details
1. Visit the Advanced Energy B2B Registration Page
2. Click "enter promotional" code and enter the word "student" (it is not case sensitive) and then click "apply" to apply the discount.
3. This will bring the registration price to $100 for students. Please enter your credit card information and complete the online registration process.
Note: The student registration fee grants students access to all conference plenary and breakout sessions, breaks, networking receptions, lunches, and the expo hall. The conference discount is for students only and is not available for faculty or staff. A valid student identification number is required for all student registrations.
Questions? Please contact: Beth Elliot at belliot@nortech.org or 216.363.6889. 

Click here for more information.

Kruse to Speak at Women of Appalachia Conference

Oct 18, 2012 8:30 AM to Oct 20, 2012 3:00 PM
Ohio University Zanesville Campus

Natalie Kruse, assistant professor of environmental studies at the Voinovich School, will discuss the legacy of coal mining at the Women of Appalachia Conference on October 19, 2012 in Zanesville, Ohio.

For more information, click here.

“Public Health and Fracking” Panel on the Agenda at State Health Conference

Oct 17, 2012 8:00 AM to Oct 19, 2012 12:30 PM
Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center, Mt. Sterling, Ohio

The Voinovich School's Natalie Kruse, Michele Morrone and Jen Bowman will hold a panel discussion on "Public Health and Fracking" at the Ohio Society of Public Health Educators (Ohio SOPHE) Health Education Institute, held in conjunction with the State Office of Rural Health's Rural Health Conference. The conference will be held October 17-19, 2012 at Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center in Mt. Sterling, Ohio

For more information, click here.

CE3 team to present at international EcoSummit October 5

Oct 5, 2012 9:30 AM to Oct 5, 2012 12:30 PM
Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, Ohio

A team of CE3 faculty and staff, in partnership with external colleagues, will present an interactive workshop to an international audience of energy and environmental experts on Friday, October 5 at the 4th International EcoSummit – Ecological Sustainability: Restoring the Planet’s Ecosystem Services.

The workshop, entitled “Management of greenhouse gases: Implications and evaluation of sustainable practices, economic growth, air quality and state, federal and international policy scenarios” is organized by Ohio University and The Ohio State University and will focus on a comprehensive evaluation of a greenhouse gas management (GHG) program from a state, regional or international perspective and will cover a wide range of issues and implications associated with a GHG program. The intent of this session is to provide the implications of policies, specifically centered around sustainable practices not only on GHG emissions but also on economic development and ancillary issues such as air quality. Discussions will include evaluations of implementing potential policies as well as assessments of current programs. The team is comprised of:
- Kevin Crist, Director Air Quality Center, Professor Department of Chemical Engineering, Ohio University
- Joseph Fiksel, Executive Director, Center for Resilience, The Ohio State University
- Geoff Dabelko, Professor, Director Environmental Studies Program, Ohio University Voinovich School
- Scott Miller, Director Energy and Environmental Programs, Ohio University Voinovich School
- Joel Yudken, Principal, High Road Strategies, LLC, Arlington VA
- Michael Zimmer, Executive in Residence, Ohio University Voinovich School

EcoSummit 2012 will bring together the world's most respected minds in ecological science to discuss restoring the planet's ecosystems, including Pulitzer Prize winners E.O. Wilson and Jared Diamond, Kyoto Prize winner Simon Levin, Stockholm Water Prize laureates Sven Jørgensen and William Mitsch, in the first conference ever linking the Ecological Society of America, The International Association for Ecology and the Society for Ecological Restoration International.

More than 1500 delegates from 75 countries are expected to attend the event in Columbus to hear 10 plenary presentations from the world's premier ecologists and environmental scientists and practitioners, and 600 invited presentations in 65 symposia from around the world, and to participate in 21 forums and workshops on practical issues related to improving the environment. In addition, there are another 850 general sessions and poster presentations during EcoSummit 2012.

For more information, click here.

The State of Shale: Shale Supplier 101 Training

Sep 26, 2012 8:00 AM to Sep 26, 2012 5:00 PM
Walter Hall on the Ohio University Athens Campus

Is your company interested in Selling into the Shale Industry?

Please join us for- The State of Shale:  Shale Supplier 101 Training at the Ohio University Inn and Conference Center, Athens, Ohio on Wednesday, September 26, 2012 from 8 am - 5 pm.

$25 Registration Fee and lunch is provided. Register now - space is limited!

See the attached Save the Date flyer.

Pig Roast & Paddle Fundraiser

Sep 22, 2012 1:00 PM to Sep 22, 2012 8:00 PM
Lake Hope & Uncle Buck's Riding Stable & Dance Barn

Pig Roast and Paddle
Live music by The Rarely Herd and Willie Phoenix!
September 22, 2012
Paddle at 1:00PM on Lake Hope
Pig Roast at 5:00PM at Uncle Buck's Riding Stable and Dance Barn
Enjoy an afternoon canoe ride on scenic Lake Hope (lessons offered) followed by a fun evening with a pig roast, live music, and a cash bar! Camping, horseback riding and other activities available. Bring your camp chairs!

Tickets available at: Cetide Inc., Floor and Moore, Economy Supply, Carter Lumber (Nelsonville and Athens), Lowes & C&E (The Plains and Athens)

To order tickets: Call (740) 698-2057 or (740) 597-1473 or email rwhitebuilders@gmail.com

Tickets: Adults - $10 Paddle & $25 Dinner; Kids under 12 - Free Paddle & $10 Dinner

Click here for more information.

Workshop: Energy Choices for Ohio

Sep 18, 2012 8:30 AM to Sep 18, 2012 3:30 PM
Quest Business & Conference Centers - 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240

Ohio University Voinovich School’s Consortium for Energy, Economics & the Environment (CE3) is pleased to announce:

“Energy Choices for Ohio: Impacts of Efficiency, Technology & Carbon Management”
September 18, 2012: 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Quest Business & Conference Centers - 8405 Pulsar Place, Columbus, Ohio 43240
Registration: $25.00

This one-day workshop will explore the nexus between energy usage and carbon management for Ohio companies, especially those with current or future reporting requirements through the U.S. EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. "America's Energy Coach," Thomas Kiser, will deliver the opening keynote address.

Questions? Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu or 740-537-0112.

To register and view a full agenda, click here.

Waste to Wealth Summit

Sep 13, 2012 8:30 AM to Sep 14, 2012 12:00 PM
The Ohio University Inn, Athens, Ohio

The Appalachia Ohio Zero Waste Initiative will bring together regional solid waste management stakeholders from Appalachian communities in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia for a two-day summit on September 13-14 in Athens that will examine how to build and sustain rural wealth by increasing resource recovery and supporting the development of recycling-based businesses. Attendees will learn about exemplary rural recycling programs, innovative recycling-based businesses, the zero waste economy, rural solid waste policy, and the Wealth Creation Model. The summit will be an opportunity to network with others who are passionate about waste diversion and want to build wealth in rural communities.

Southeast Ohio Clean Energy Business Roundtable Series: Marietta

Aug 9, 2012 11:30 AM to Aug 9, 2012 1:00 PM
Washington State Community College, 710 Colegate Drive, Marietta, OH 45750

The Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs and the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy are partnering in 2012 to bring a series of business roundtable sessions to Appalachia Ohio. Please join us to discuss the ways in which energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy technologies can be incorporated into your business model to increase profit and reduce energy consumption.


Roundtables will be held in Jackson, Zanesville, Athens and Marietta from May to August.
The events are free and open to the public. An RSVP in advance is required.


For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/news-events/Regional-Energy-Roundtables-2012.cfm.

Southeast Ohio Clean Energy Business Roundtable Series: Athens

Aug 2, 2012 11:30 AM to Aug 2, 2012 1:00 PM
Ohio University Innovation Center, 340 West State Street, Athens, OH 45701

The Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs and the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy are partnering in 2012 to bring a series of business roundtable sessions to Appalachia Ohio. Please join us to discuss the ways in which energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy technologies can be incorporated into your business model to increase profit and reduce energy consumption.


Roundtables will be held in Jackson, Zanesville, Athens and Marietta from May to August.
The events are free and open to the public. An RSVP in advance is required.


For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/news-events/Regional-Energy-Roundtables-2012.cfm.

Raccoon Creek Partnership Project Summer Tour

Jul 25, 2012 3:00 PM to Jul 25, 2012 7:00 PM
Waterloo Aquatic Education Center

Come join the Raccoon Creek Partnership on Wednesday, July 25th at 3:00 pm for a tour of projects highlighting various forms of Acid Mine Drainage Reclamation and Remediation.

A potluck and Raccoon Creek Partnership board meeting will follow the tour. There is a refrigerator and electrical outlets for storing potluck items during the tour.  

Tour participants will meet at the Waterloo Aquatic Education Center at 3:00 pm:
9660 State Route 356, New Marshfield, Ohio 45701

Carpooling is encouraged and some transportation will be provided for the tour.

RSVP by July 18th to Sarah Landers: sdlanders@gmail.com or 740-525-3972.


Event flyer.

Southeast Ohio Clean Energy Business Roundtable Series: Zanesville

Jun 21, 2012 11:30 AM to Jun 21, 2012 1:00 PM
Muskingum County Business Incubator, 2725 Pinkerton Road, Zanesville, OH 43701

The Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs and the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy are partnering in 2012 to bring a series of business roundtable sessions to Appalachia Ohio. Please join us to discuss the ways in which energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy technologies can be incorporated into your business model to increase profit and reduce energy consumption.


Roundtables will be held in Jackson, Zanesville, Athens and Marietta from May to August.
The events are free and open to the public. An RSVP in advance is required.


For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/news-events/Regional-Energy-Roundtables-2012.cfm.

CE3 hosts watershed trainings June 11 & June 20

Jun 11, 2012 9:30 AM to Jun 11, 2012 4:30 PM

CE3 and the Appalachian Watershed Research Group are pleased to host two training workshops in June.


  • On June 11, from 9:30 AM – 4:30 PM, Ed Rankin, senior research associate at the Voinovich School, will lead a Qualitative Habitat Evaluation Index (QEHI) training for area watershed groups and students.
  • On June 20, from 9:30 AM – 4:00 PM, Kelly Johnson, associate professor of biological sciences, and Jen Bowman, environmental project manager, will lead a family-level Macroinvertebrate Aggregated Index for Streams (MAIS) training for watershed groups working with ODNR-DMRM to remediate streams from acid mine drainage.

Both sessions are currently full. To have your name waitlisted, contact Jen Bowman at bowmanj2@ohio.edu or 740-597-3101. Additional trainings may be scheduled depending on interest.


State of the Region Conference

May 23, 2012 8:30 AM to May 23, 2012 3:00 PM
Ohio University Athens, Margaret W. Walter Hall Rotunda

The inaugural Appalachian "State of the Region Conference: Understanding the Boom-Bust Cycle for Greater Sustainability," will bring businesses, local governments, and economic development professionals together to examine the economic and other impacts related to the development of shale gas, including the short and long term impacts on businesses and local governments in our region.

Highlights of the conference include:
- First-hand accounts from leaders in Pennsylvania who have been extensively involved in helping state and local governments and communities understand and manage the impacts of shale gas development in their area;
- Information about impacts to date of shale gas development in Carroll County, Ohio;
- Perspectives on the historical experience with boom and bust cycles in Pennsylvania and Ohio;
- Information on current and developing efforts to understand and track data about community and environmental impacts of shale gas development in Ohio;
- Guidance from experts in several fields regarding the impacts and opportunities of shale gas development in relation to industry supply chains, workforce development, investment capital, and philanthropy;
- An introduction to Jobs Ohio and Appalachians Partnering for Economic Growth (APEG).

For additional information contact Trenia Twyman at 740-597-1460 or twyman@ohio.edu.

To Register Click Here

Southeast Ohio Clean Energy Business Roundtable Series: Jackson

May 18, 2012 11:30 AM to May 18, 2012 1:00 PM
LaRosa’s Pizzeria, 966 East Main Street, Jackson, OH 45640

The Ohio University Voinovich School of Leadership & Public Affairs and the Ohio Business Council for a Clean Economy are partnering in 2012 to bring a series of business roundtable sessions to Appalachia Ohio. Please join us to discuss the ways in which energy efficiency initiatives and clean energy technologies can be incorporated into your business model to increase profit and reduce energy consumption.


Click here to view the Jackson flyer


Roundtables will be held in Jackson, Zanesville, Athens and Marietta from May to August.
The events are free and open to the public. An RSVP in advance is required.


For more information and to register, please visit: http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/news-events/Regional-Energy-Roundtables-2012.cfm.

Ohio Shale Energy 2012: Discovering Supply Chain Opportunities

Apr 11, 2012 8:00 AM to Apr 11, 2012 5:00 PM
Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center, Cambridge, Ohio

The Ohio University Voinovich School, in partnership with a group of industry and economic development organizations, is hosting "Ohio Shale Energy 2012: Discovering Supply Chain Opportunities" on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at the Pritchard Laughlin Civic Center in Cambridge, Ohio.

Ohio Shale Energy 2012 will bring together industry experts and local businesses interested in becoming suppliers to the shale energy industry in Ohio. More than 20 speakers will discuss the factors that are driving Ohio's booming shale energy industry and identify opportunities for new and existing businesses.

By registering for the conference, attendees will be entered into the Ohio Shale Supply Chain Database being developed by the Voinovich School with funding from the USDA. The database will help businesses stay connected and competitive in the months and years to come.


For more information, visit: www.ohioshaleenergy.com. Seating is limited, please pre-register.


Click here for more information

University Clean Energy Alliance of Ohio 6th Annual Conference

Apr 2, 2012 10:00 AM to Apr 3, 2012 5:00 PM
The Blackwell, 2110 Tuttle Park Place, Columbus, OH 43210

UCEAO's "Securing Ohio's Energy and Economic Future" will take place in Columbus this spring.

More Information

U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Webinar - Part II

Mar 7, 2012 12:00 PM to Mar 7, 2012 1:30 PM
Online Webinar

Join the Ohio University Voinovich School for Part II of the webinar series: "U.S. EPA's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program: Navigating the Process and Understanding the Impacts." Register online at: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/325193041. More information is available at: http://www.ohio.edu/ce3/ghgrp/.

Contact Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu with questions.

WOUB To Air Live Call-In Show On Fracking

Feb 28, 2012 8:00 PM to 
WOUB Radio Show

In recent months, debates have raged about how fracking could impact the region.

Hydraulic fracturing (known as fracking) is a water-intensive industrial process that drillers use to collect the natural gas held in shale formations and it's the topic of "Newswatch In-Depth: Fracking Frenzy" airing Tuesday, Feb. 28 at 8 p.m. Dr. Natalie Kruse, an assistant professor of environmental studies affiliated with CE3, will be part of the panel of experts.

For more information, click here.

Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP) February 2012 Meeting

Feb 23, 2012 9:30 AM to Feb 23, 2012 12:00 PM
Ohio University Voinovich School Bldg 20, Room 237, The Ridges, Athens 45701

The Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP) invites members and prospective members to its February 23, 2012 meeting. For more information, visit: http://www.geospatialpartnership.org/calendar/2012/02/23/aogdp-february-meeting.

Lunch & Learn Series: Oil & Gas Development - We Have the Answers, It's the Questions We Don't Know Yet

Jan 19, 2012 11:00 AM to 
Ohio University Innovation Center, 340 West State Street, Room 103, Athens, OH

Lunch and Learn Series is organized by the Entrepreneurship Development Group (EDG) of Athens County, Ohio.
The region is experiencing rapid development in oil and gas exploration that could shortly approach wild west or boom town proportions. In Oil and Gas Development - We Have the Answers, It's the Questions We Don't Know Yet, Dale Arnold, Director of Energy Services for the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation since 1995, will explore series of questions energy developers, legal counsels and landowner associations need to address as local leaders and residents make business and planning decisions impacting their farms, homes and community.

Dale represents farm, small business and residential energy consumers on utility advisory boards focusing on demand side management/energy efficiency. He has served on local, state and national working groups focusing on technical evaluation, education/outreach, and community planning, all dealing with energy. He has served on task forces leading to creation of Ohio's Advanced Energy Initiative as detailed in SB 221, and utility scale wind farm siting guidelines created in response to HB 562.s.

For more information, please visit TechGROWTH Ohio's website or download the flier (.pdf).

Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP) January 2012 Meeting

Jan 19, 2012 9:30 AM to Jan 19, 2012 12:00 PM
Buckeye Hills-Hocking Valley Regional Development District Office

Join the Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP) for their January meeting at the BHHVRDD Office at 1400 Pike St., Marietta, Ohio on January 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM.

January AOGDP Meeting

U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting Webinar

Dec 13, 2011 12:00 PM to Dec 12, 2011 1:30 PM
Online Webinar

On December 13, the Voinovich School hosted a webinar entitled "U.S. EPA Greenhouse Gas Reporting: Navigating the Process and Understanding the Impacts." More than 75 attendees joined the webinar.

For more information, visit the CE3's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program Portal at:

For more information, email Elissa Welch at welche@ohio.edu

Appalachian Ohio Geospatial Data Partnership (AOGDP) December 2011 Meeting

Dec 1, 2011 9:30 AM to Dec 1, 2011 12:00 PM
Kate Love Simpson Library, 358 East Main Street, McConnelsville, OH 43756

For more information, contact: Don Pickenpaugh, GIS Director, 740-526-9306
(The AOGDP includes the following counties: Athens, Belmont, Gallia, Guernsey, Hocking, Jackson, Lawrence, Meigs, Monroe, Morgan, Muskingum, Noble, Washington & Vinton.)

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OVRDC GIS User Group Meeting

Nov 8, 2011 1:00 PM to Nov 8, 2011 3:00 PM
Ohio Valley Regional Development Commission Office, 9329 St Rt 220 E, Suite A, Waverly, OH 45690

For more information, contact: Jason Gillow, OVRDC, 740-947-2853


Fracking: Moral, Ethical, Economic and Scientific Aspects

Nov 4, 2011 4:00 PM to Nov 4, 2011 6:00 PM
Ohio University campus, Walter Hall, Room 235

Presented by the OU Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics, with support from the OU Environmental Studies Program.

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Shale Gas: Is Responsible Development an Oxymoron?

Nov 2, 2011 7:00 PM to Nov 2, 2011 9:00 PM
Ohio University campus, Bentley Hall, Room 124

Elizabeth Paranhos, Consulting Attorney, Environmental Defense Fund and Environmental Law Consultant, DeLoneLaw, Inc.)
Presented by the OU Institute for Applied and Professional Ethics.

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Green Energy Ohio 8th Annual Meeting & Southeast Ohio Clean Energy Workshop

May 31, 2008 1:00 PM to May 31, 2008 5:00 PM
Hocking College, Nelsonville, OH

Green Energy Ohio (GEO) held its annual meeting and workshop at Hocking College in Nelsonville. Speakers discussed what is happening at Hocking College and Ohio University, LEED building design and statewide renewable energy installations.

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Green Energy Development Summit

Mar 25, 2008 8:00 AM to Mar 25, 2008 5:00 PM

This event for regional business and community leaders featured presentations from green energy business leaders and others with a focus on how Southeastern Ohio can take advantage of green energy opportunities. Sponsored by Senator Sherrod Brown, the Pew Environment Group and CE3.

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Appalachian Ohio Energy Economic Development Summit

Oct 29, 2007 8:00 AM to Oct 29, 2007 5:00 PM
Ohio University

This extensive one-day workshop for economic development officials in the Appalachian Ohio region focused on energy-related development.

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