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Data Informatics Program 

The CE3 Data Team regularly creates interactive maps and data visualizations to enhance the presentation information collected and analyzed for applied research projects. Using a combination of geographic information system (GIS) and web applications, the Voinovich School’s GIS, database, and web development units collaborate to create user-friendly, interactive maps that help our clients answer questions about natural resources, infrastructure, business strategy and land use and make decisions using a variety of analysis techniques and data from many different sources. How the data is modeled in a database has huge implications for the sustainability of a system, the effectiveness of that system, and your return on investment. Based on our experience and lessons learned from past projects, we have developed dynamic queries, GeoVisualization, DynamicMap, TreeBrowser, ViewTogether Visualization, AttractionFinder, and a variety of widgets to present, search, browse, filter, and compare rich information spaces.

Our knowledge and extensive experience with handling complicated data has helped our partners and clients throughout the region and across the country. For example, the Data Team has developed a data model that integrates geospatial and other types of data to help industries solve specific problems. The team additionally specializes in rendering complex information and location-based data into visually pleasing, easy to use, and understandable forms, so information can be used to make strategic business decisions. Our diverse set of clients includes county engineers, auditors, and planners; city engineers and planners; state and federal government agencies; environmental organizations; universities; utilities; and private companies.

Point of Contact

Elkan Kim
Computer Software Design Specialist
Ohio University Voinovich School


Example Projects

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ViewTogether Visualization

Information visualizations with multiple coordinated views enable users to rapidly explore complex data and discover relationships. ViewTogether is a tool for creating these coordinated views.

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GeoVisualization tools provide stakeholders with the ability to make balanced environmental decisions using available information on a complex set of environmental data and examining a number of scenarios or policy options to determine a best fit. Design systems with effective visual displays, direct manipulation interfaces and dynamic queries, allow users to responsibly and confidently pursue even more ambitious projects and strategies.

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DynamicMap and Water Quality

Data User Interfaces Dynamic map is an interface designed to facilitate easier viewing and dynamic query sliders for the analysis of map-related water quality and biology data trends data.

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