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Highlighted Data Project

Gallia County Parcel Conversion
Gallia County officials have been maintaining parcel maps on paper for many years. With ever increasing changes to land ownership such as subdivisions and municipality annexations, the task of maintaining a county-wide parcel map on paper is becoming an ever more difficult task. The Data Informatics team has been converting the county’s paper maps to a single, seamless digital version which will allow the county to manage and create parcel-based data more efficiently, accurately, and cost-effectively than before. This newly created digital product will also be available to the public, allowing the county's residents better access to this information.

Highlighted Energy Project

Wind Supply Chain Mapping
The Cleveland-based Great Lakes Wind Network (GLWN) is an international supply chain advisory group and network of manufacturers. Its mission is to increase the domestic content of North America’s onshore and offshore wind turbines by linking wind industry manufacturers and suppliers to help expand businesses. GLWN contracted the Voinovich School to develop a wind industry database to connect companies within the wind industry to each other. There are two components to the supply chain database: a wind manufacturing supply chain and a wind farm construction supply chain. The database now contains more than 1600 manufacturers and service providers and supports the entire wind enterprise from initial engineering and financing of a wind farm to post-commissioning operations and maintenance.

Highlighted Land Project

Highlighted Policy Project

Assuring Ohio’s Competitiveness
Ohio University and The Ohio State University have recently completed work on a first-of-its-kind, comprehensive study of how the State of Ohio could be affected by future federal carbon policies. The project, funded by a grant from the Ohio Department of Development through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is a component of the State’s Energy Program which set seven Ohio-based strategies to stimulate the creation and retention of jobs, save energy, increase renewable energy generation, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. "Assuring Ohio’s Competiveness in a Carbon-Constrained World" is an unprecedented collaboration between OU and OSU combining the research expertise of these institutions to create:

  1. A statewide inventory of greenhouse gas emissions,
  2. A 700+-page report that highlights federal carbon policy scenarios and outlines Ohio’s ability to succeed in light of these scenarios, and
  3. An online modeling tool that shows how policy scenarios can affect Ohio’s economy, society and environment.

Together, these three resources can provide Ohio businesses, communities and policymakers with the information needed to overcome the uncertainty of ever-evolving carbon policy. The full report and related web-based tools can be found online at www.ohioenergyresources.com.

Highlighted Water Project

Acid Mine Drainage Reclamation
American Electric Power (AEP) has supported watershed programs for more than a decade at the Voinovich School, through a series of programs that focus on sound science and data collection to drive water restoration efforts. Currently, AEP funds provide for the AEP professorship award, as well as Appalachian Watershed Research Group collaborative project titled “Modeling the Recovery of Streams.” This is a regionally-specific model that quantifies biological recovery potential after acid mine drainage reclamation. Hewett Fork, a major tributary to Raccoon Creek, is being used as a case study for this research.