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➢  Founded in 1946, Ohio University Chillicothe is the first regional campus in the state.

For more than 60 years, OHIO Chillicothe has remained true to its mission of preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow and additionally providing service to the region.


➢  OHIO Chillicothe is in the fortunate position of being part of a great, national university and

is also an engaged member of the Chillicothe/Ross County community.


 Joyce Atwood, Director of Resource Development and the Child Development and Family

Services Center at Ohio University Chillicothe, was recognized at the 52nd annual Ohio Statehood Day Prayer Breakfast on Mar. 3, 2018. She was named the 2018 recipient of the annual Ohio Statehood Day Achievement Award. Each year, a local community member is selected based on their spirit of Ohio and Atwood is the essence of this stipulation.


➢  The Ohio University Foundation Board has recently approved funding for The City of

Chillicothe’s Journey on the Zero Waste Pathway, a partnership between the City of  Chillicothe and Ohio University Chillicothe. Chillicothe’s project focuses on the  implementation of a curbside recycling program for the city. The partnership will focus on  creating and implementing a Communications and Marketing Plan and scheduling events  in the region to promote the newly established curbside recycling program the city has  planned to launch in August 2018.     


➢  Students enrolled in Diversity in Early Childhood Education, EDEC 3701, spring semester

2018 at Ohio University Chillicothe cheerfully donated $300 to the Pioneer Center in Ross County, Ohio. The donation came about as part of the class’s community service learning project. After a heart-rending visit with the students at the Pioneer Center, the ECE  students decided to raise money to replace the broken massage chair located in the  school's sensory room. To help raise money the students held a silent auction in class.  


➢  Dr. John O’Keefe, assistant professor of history at Ohio University Chillicothe, was quoted in

City of Immigrants, which was the February 2018 cover story in Baltimore magazine. In  City of Immigrants, O’Keefe talked about the stereotypes and generalizations that crop up  during conversations about the impact of immigrants on American Society. The article  focuses on a largely immigrant region of Baltimore and the impact “immigration” policies  have had on neighboring families.     


➢ OHIO Chillicothe received news that the Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) Program

achieved an 89.47% pass rate with the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN) for 2017. The Chillicothe campus earned the second highest BSN pass rate in comparison to all OHIO’s campuses. To keep full status with the Board, pass rates must reach 95% of the national average and the benchmark to beat for 2017 was 82.76%. The pass rate for the Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) Program for 2017 was 87.85%.      


➢  A team of Chillicothe campus students won the title at the 2018 Cross-Disciplinary Enterprise

Concept Pitch Competition sponsored by the US Department of Energy (DOE), Ohio University's Voinovich School's PORTSfuture program, TechGROWTH Ohio, and Social Enterprise Ecosystem program. The winning pitch was by the PORTS Plastics team, which consisted of Brandi Downs, Samuel Steinhoff, and Ryan Sutton. The team’s presentation focused on the recommendation of repurposing decommissioned areas to develop a recycling center to either support current recycling programs/agencies or create a new facility to clean, sort, grind, and pelletize plastics. Assistant Professor of Applied Management Tanya Hire mentored the students.


➢ Dr. Greg Obi, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Business Management Technology

Program at Ohio University Chillicothe, has written Sydney Brian-Peters: A Case Study in Gender and Leadership Issues. The case study, published in Jan. 2018, is about a mid-level executive who faces challenges related to bias as her need to fill position in her unit is questioned. It was published in the Sage Business Cases series.


➢  The Recruitment Office at OHIO Chillicothe hosted its first annual CC+ Info Night on Mar. 6,

2018. Over 125 students and their parents attended from local area high schools – Huntington, Zane Trace, Paint Valley, Chillicothe, Unioto, Southeastern, and Waverly. Attendance for the event exceeded campus expectations.


➢  The Ohio University Chillicothe Writing Center published its first online version of Glass

Enclosures. This publication is the seventh issue with the first six being print journals. This creative project emerged in 2011 as a new way of gathering and expressing work from The Fishbowl, which is another name for the Writing Center. Glass Enclosures samples the best of Ohio University Chillicothe’s students and alumni writing. There have been 130 contributions from the Chillicothe campus community.    


➢  Graduates of the 2017 Southern Ohio Police Training Institute (SOPTI) at Ohio University

Chillicothe attained a 100 percent pass rate on the Peace Officer Basic Training State Certification Exam. To become a certified peace officer (i.e. law enforcement officers), graduates must receive the minimum passing score of 70%. The 2017 class consisted of nine cadets, scoring an average of 84% on the exam.


➢  Ohio University Chillicothe student, Shania Logan, received an honorable mention for her

photography work at The Hills art exhibition at the Pump House Art Gallery in Chillicothe. Her award-winning photo, featuring an abandoned house in front of a foggy tree-filled skyline, one of two pieces Logan submitted to the exhibit which ran the entire month of September 2017.


➢  Dr. Greg Obi, Assistant Professor of Business Management Technology, presented with his

brother, Professor Pat Obi of Purdue University Northwest and Ebenezer Bugri Anarfo, a doctoral student at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, at the 8th Annual Global Business Conference held in Dubrovnik, Croatia in September 2017. The presentation focused on key components from their research paper, The Oil-Dollar Inverse Correlations: Evidence of Revenue Dampening for Oil-Dependent Sub-Saharan African Economies. The paper discussed the relationship of falling oil prices in some African economies dependent on the foreign purchase of oil for economic survival. 


In addition to his international conference experience, Obi was also asked to present at the 2017 Argentina Educators Training Program at Ohio University. Co-presenting with three other international faculty members, Obi and his team focused on the global skills and competencies necessary for teaching in the 21st century. Speaking primarily to K-12 educators, Obi discussed the importance of preparing children to lead successful international lives. 


Obi’s mission to develop global students aligns with Ohio University President Duane Nellis’ desire to elevate Ohio University’s level of global engagement. 


➢  Dr. Tony Vinci, Assistant Professor of English, was selected to be a representative on the

Ohio Educator Standards Board. The Standards Board is a collection of professionals from education, law, and unions who meet monthly to discuss and set standards for every K-12 teacher and school in the state of Ohio. Vinci was nominated by the Ohio Department of Higher Education Chancellor John Carey for his work on the Ohio College Credit Plus Advisory Board.


➢  Morgan Bivens, one of Chillicothe’s best and brightest students, was selected for President

Duane Nellis’ inaugural class of the Presidential Leadership Society. The elite group of 21 OHIO students gave their time and talent this academic year to advance the President’s initiatives and enhance the University’s mission. Bivens was the only regional campus student selected. She graduated on May 3, 2018 with a Bachelor of Specialized Studies Degree.


➢  Three Ohio University Chillicothe faculty members utilized their research skills to help battle

the opioid epidemic plaguing the greater Chillicothe area and many other communities in Ohio and beyond. Lecturers Laura Bachus (psychology), Marguerite Hernandez (sociology), and Sarah Webb (social work) joined the Heroin Partnership Project, a collaboration of federal, state and local agencies dedicated to working together to reduce heroin deaths. The team was able to draw a correlation between the enforcement of Ohio House Bill 93 and the increase in overdose deaths because, they believe, as patients were unable to get their prescription narcotics they began turning to street drugs such as heroin or its much stronger version, fentyal, to feed their addictions.


In October 2017, Hernandez and Webb attended the Association for Humanist Sociology Conference in Havana, Cuba to present a working paper on their research. Bachus, Hernandez, and Webb plan to continue to provide research services to the Heroin Partnership Project while continuing their own research regarding the opioid epidemic in Ross County and beyond.


➢  The Chillicothe campus softball team won the Ohio Regional Campus Conference state

tournament for the second year in a row. The Lady Hilltoppers won against Miami-Hamilton after going extra innings.


➢  The volleyball team at OHIO Chillicothe also won the Ohio Regional Campus Conference

state tournament against OHIO Lancaster. The team went undefeated in the conference during the 2017 season. Baylee Hartman was awarded All-tournament Team MVP and Taylor Hetterscheidt was awarded all-Tournament Team.


➢  Ohio University Chillicothe’s Golf Program has just celebrated its 50th anniversary. Like

college golf, the program has not changed much over the years and neither has its head coach. OHIO Chillicothe alumni, Larry Thompson, has been the head golf coach since 2003.