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University Success courses are housed in “University College”. This college, much like the Colleges of Business or Education serves a special purpose at OU and houses several degree programs.

University College is home to the “Undecided” major and serves Undecided students. The College serves both Undecided students and students who are seeking the Bachelor of Specialized Studies, the Bachelor of Criminal Justice, or an Associate Degree in Art or Science.

Academic Advising is the highest priority of University College. Our professional advisors strive to inform you about academic options and to assist you with decisions about how you can best use the University to promote your learning and development.

Our most comprehensive resource for a new college student is the introduction to college course. This course addresses many topics that students find helpful in making the transition to college.

University College & Success Courses Printable Brochure




UC 1060: Basic Academic Computing

Skills This course focuses on learning com- puter skills needed for college assignments, including Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Excel, Word), Blackboard, Catmail, and effective Internet use.


UC 1000: Mastering the University Experience

This course helps new students make a successful transition to OU, both academically and personally. This course promotes engagement in and out of class, self responsibility, and articulates to students the University’s expectations and values. The course also helps students develop and apply appropriate learning strategies and facilitate the exploration of their educational and career goals.


UC D998: College Reading Skills

This course helps first-year students increase comprehension, interpret reading materials, and build reading speed/comprehension. The course also focuses on summarizing main ideas, building vocabulary, reading rates, and developing critical thinking skills.



Why you should take UC 1060:

➢ Learn how to use your Catmail account
➢ Learn how to use Blackboard (online course support tool)
➢ Learn how to use Microsoft Office for classes


Why you should take UC 1000:

➢ College study skills

➢ Learning styles
➢ Reading strategies
➢ Memory techniques
➢ Effective note-taking techniques
➢ Learn time management skills
➢ Test-taking strategies

➢ Understand what college culture is like
➢ Learn OU policies and procedures
➢ Participate in campus activities
➢ Learn about careers and majors


Why you should take UC D998:

➢ Learn to organize college reading
➢ Learn to read faster
➢ Learn to skim and focus when necessary
➢ Greater reading comprehension
➢ Learn how reading is different from subject to subject




We recommend the UC courses for students who are coming to college after an extended period after high school, high school students that need a boost in getting ahead, or students that need help making career goals and decisions.


➢ Ask any staff advisor about UC 1000.
➢ Ask to see a UC 1000 Blackboard page
➢ Ask to see a UC 1000 textbook
➢ Ask to see a UC course outline, calendar, or syllabus



Suggested Program Template

This is a sample template for a first semester schedule for an undecided student. You will find that taking advantage of UC courses will improve you academic success in the following semesters.


Tentative Semester Planner Information


UC D998 College Reading Skills
UC 1000 Mastering the University Experience
## XXXX English (depends on test scores)
## XXXX Math (depends on test scores)
## XXXX General Education Course




Beth Barnes

Bennett Hall 139 A

T: 740.774.7755




Ashlee Tatman, MEd
Coordinator of Student of Support
Bennett Hall 270
T: 740.774.7229




Martha Tanedo

Bennett Hall 139 B

T: 740.774.7733



Information about the Faculty

Judy Greene
Adjunct Faculty
Bennett Hall 259
Joanna River
Adjunct Faculty
Bennett Hall 259