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In order to provide a pleasant and safe campus experience to all who visit Ohio University Chillicothe, the following policy must be adhered to by all who visit our campus. The following policy pertaining to parking on campus is in effect at all times. Failure to follow this policy may result in fines and penalties that include the towing of your vehicle.

For more information or assistance, please contact Parking Services at 740.774.7200 or stop by the Bennett Hall Information Desk.

Click Here to Download the Parking Policy in .PDF Format


Parking Guidelines & Restrictions:

Regardless of time of day or week, vehicles must be parked in a legal parking space designated by painted parking lines. Parking in an area not designated as a parking space is prohibited. If you are loading and/or unloading items you must check with Parking Services about your parking options. Please see the “Loading” section for further details. Hazard lights cannot be used for parking in non-parking zones. Lots are monitored at all times.


The following restrictions apply at all times:

➢  Parked on Curb – Vehicles are prohibited from parking along curbs.
➢ Parked in Roadway – Vehicles cannot park in the roadway at any time for any


➢  Parked in Crosswalk – A vehicle that is parked on the brick crosswalk blocking

pedestrian traffic is subject to towing.

➢  Parked on Sidewalk – Sidewalks are intended for pedestrian traffic. A vehicle

parked on a sidewalk will be towed at the owner’s expense.

➢  Parked on Grass – Vehicles are not permitted to park in the grass at any time for

any reason.

➢  Prohibited parking areas – Vehicles are not permitted to park in areas designated

as prohibited parking areas for any reason at any time.


Faculty/Staff Lot:

Full-time faculty and staff are permitted to park in the gated Faculty/Staff Lot. Other faculty and staff may be allowed access to the lot with permission of the campus Dean. An access card is required in order to enter the lot. This access card can be obtained from Parking Services at the Bennett Hall Information Desk. The gate access card is not to be shared with anyone. Your permit has been specifically issued to you. Students or visitors are not permitted to use your faculty/staff access card.


Making Our Parking Accessible:

Ohio University Chillicothe reserves designated parking spaces for people with disabilities or for those who are transporting a person with a disability. Disability spaces are reserved for people who have disabilities and properly display a state-issued disability placard. Individuals who believe they meet the criteria of being physically disabled may apply for a state disability placard through the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Violators may be cited in accordance with Ohio law and/or towed. Please also note that it is illegal to use a disability placard that was not issued to you.

Vehicles must display a valid State issued disability placard or license plate. A person who provides transportation for a person with a disability may park the vehicle in a disability parking space only when the vehicle is being used to provide transportation for a person with a disability. Placards must clearly be displayed from the rear-view mirror when the vehicle is parked. Parking Services and Campus Security are not required to visually search the interior of a vehicle to clearly see a permit. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner/driver to ensure placards are properly displayed and clearly visible. Mirror decorations or air fresheners should be hung behind the placard to not obstruct viewing it. Drivers who do not display a currently dated disability placard or license plate may be asked to show Parking Services or Campus Security a copy of their disability placard/plate certificate of registration detailing the disability designation.

A vehicle may be towed if a current disability placard or license plate is not displayed or the driver of a vehicle is unable to produce a current registration detailing the disability designation. The City of Chillicothe may also fine a driver $250 if found in violation of the Disability Parking Policy.


Disabled & Abandoned Vehicles:

All disabled vehicles must be reported to Parking Services immediately and removed within the time frame determined by Parking Services. Overnight parking in a campus lot is prohibited without prior permission from Parking Services. If a vehicle is parked illegally for more than 48 hours, has not been moved from a parking space for a period of seven or more days or is visibly damaged or unable to be driven from its location and Parking Services has not granted the vehicle owner/driver permission to remain parked, the vehicle is subject to ticketing and towing. Notes placed on vehicles indicating length of parking, inability to be driven, etc. are not considered a method of reporting to Parking Services and will be ticketed and/or towed. Abuse or falsification of information when reporting a disabled/abandoned vehicle may result in the vehicle being ticketed and/or towed. When there is a need to perform lot maintenance or there is a campus activity requiring the use of the parking lots, lots may need to be cleared. Vehicles left unattended will be towed at the owner/driver’s expense.


Loading/Unloading Zones:

For the purpose of loading/unloading large or heavy equipment and/or supplies, Parking Services makes every attempt to accommodate those who must park in loading zones or areas easily accessible to building entrances. However, the driver of the vehicle must obtain prior permission from Parking Services to park in these areas. If the driver has not obtained permission to park in a loading zone or area easily accessible to building entrances the vehicle will receive a citation and may be towed. Parking in the grass or in the roadway is prohibited at all times, even when loading and unloading.


Ticketing & Towing:

All Campus lots are monitored by Parking Services & Campus Security. Violators will be cited if found in violation of Campus Parking Policy. Citations are a method of warning a vehicle owner/driver. If these warnings are not heeded, a vehicle will be found in violation of the Campus Parking Policy and can be towed and/or fined. This also applies to repeat offenders on any Campus lot. Illegally parked vehicles are towed from Campus lots when a lot complaint is received or when the parked vehicle presents a safety hazard.


The following are circumstances when a vehicle can be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense:

➢  Repeat Offenders: Vehicles that have received three or more citations for any reason

within a quarter.

➢  Illegally parked vehicles: When a lot complaint is received or a vehicle parked in a

handicap space fails to display a valid handicap placard/plate, vehicles are subject to towing. It is the responsibility of the vehicle owner to display their placard to prevent being cited or towed.

➢  Possession and use of a placard issued to someone other than the individual using

the permit. Certification of registration for handicap placard or plate may be requested.

➢  Possession of an altered, fake, or expired placard or plate.
➢  Parking or blocking other vehicles, roadways, entrances, loading zones, curbs,

dumpsters, restricted or reserved spaces.

➢ Abandoned vehicle: a vehicle not moved from its space for seven or more days

or a vehicle that is visibly damaged or unable to be driven from its location.


Vehicle Recovery:

Once a vehicle has been towed, the vehicle driver/owner will be responsible for all fees incurred. If a vehicle is towed the vehicle driver/owner responsible can retrieve the vehicle at:

Hill Enterprises of Ohio
41 Bow Circle
Chillicothe, OH 45601
T: 740.649.7662





Information Desk
T: 740.774.7200