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How students should prepare for Q2S

Semesters are coming in fall 2012. What students should do NOW.

The change to semesters is over a year away, so is there really something to do right now?


First, get the facts. Next year each student will meet with an advisor to create an individual plan that will help make the transition easier to understand. The transition to semesters will not delay a student’s anticipated graduation as long as he or she follows that plan, called a TDCP (Transition Degree Completion Plan), and makes acceptable progress toward a degree. That’s a promise from Ohio University—read the pledge to students for details.

Next, follow this advice about actions students should take before the fall 2012 transition.

  • Complete course sequences before the change to semesters and avoid beginning sequences that cannot be completed prior to fall 2012.

  • Take “key” classes that are foundational or precursors to other courses, before the change to semesters.

  • Take advantage of summer sessions classes to complete basic requirements and course sequences, if you want to fit in a few extra credits before fall 2012. Winter Intersession 2011 will offer one more “extra” opportunity.

  • If you anticipate graduating before fall 2012 stay on track! Keep making progress toward completing your degree and you may finish before the transition occurs.

  • Stay tuned. When you receive messages about Q2S or transition advising, PAY ATTENTION and take the actions recommended in the communication.

Finally, learn more about the Quarters to Semesters Transition at www.ohio.edu/q2s or send questions to q2s@ohio.edu

Know it. Do it.

The information covered each week in the Know it. Do it. series focuses on a specific topic related to one of the multiple transitions at OHIO during spring quarter. The purpose of the series is to concisely inform about what you need to know and what you need to do in relation to these transitions.

Questions about Q2S? Check the FAQs on the Q2S website, visit the Allen Student Help Center, or ask your advisor.