Library student

Suzy Goralske, an undecided freshman, works at the Circulation desk checking in books in Alden Library

Photographer: Patrick Traylor

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Alden Library policy changes begin June 20

Elimination of late fees begins July 1

Alden Library staff is closing the book on their late fines policy. Effective July 1, fines for returning overdue materials will be abolished.

Fines, which were originally implemented to encourage the return of materials on a timely basis, are no longer an issue because of the increasing availability of resources through OhioLINK, interlibrary loan and on-line materials.
"What has occurred over time is that the cost to track, collect and process fine monies, as well as address patron appeals, has surpassed the revenues generated," said Deborah Daniels, budget unit manager for the Ohio University Libraries.
Assessing a replacement charge for unreturned materials is a more efficient process, Daniels said.

Beginning July 1, instead of receiving a fine, borrowers will receive notices when their item is three, 14 and 28 days overdue, and they can return or renew the item anytime during that period free of charge.

After the final notice is sent, borrowers will be assessed a non-refundable $25 processing fee and a $75 replacement fee. The borrower's library privileges will then be suspended and students will have a hold placed on their registration privileges.

Library staff also extended the loan periods for students effective June 20. The change will allow them to borrow materials until the end of the quarter and to renew the materials if they remain registered for subsequent quarters.

Annette Talbert, head of circulation services at Alden Library, said the extension in due dates is not a dramatic change for students.

"Before the change, registered students could keep books for as long as they wanted, but they had to renew them every three weeks," Talbert said. "Now they will be asked to renew the item only after their expiration date changes."

University Libraries Dean Scott Seaman said, "This represents a service improvement for the campus community, it reduces overall costs for the university, and the change in loan periods will now match our upcoming semester calendar."

For more information, contact the Libraries' Circulation Desk at 740-593-2906.