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Comedy film about graduate student life to screen Jan. 12

The PHD Movie is popular choice on college campuses

The PHD Movie, a humorous film about the trials and tribulations of earning a graduate degree, will be screened at 7 and 9 p.m. on Thursday, Jan. 12, at Ohio University's Templeton-Blackburn Alumni Memorial Auditorium.

The film is based on the popular online comic strip PHD Comics, created by former Caltech graduate student Jorge Cham to combat the anxiety of academia. His tales have been adapted into a live-action film that follows the lives of four graduate students as they juggle research, teaching and a personal life.

As part of Ohio University's Science Café series funded by the 1804 Fund, the Ohio University Graduate College and Sigma Xi will host two free screenings of the film.

Running time for the feature is one hour and seven minutes. Though the film is not rated, audiences are advised to expect "PG" rating-style situations and humor.

The university is sponsoring the movie screenings as part of an effort to enhance professional development opportunities for graduate students, said Joe Shields, vice president for research and creative activity and dean of the Graduate College.

"The PHD Movie uses humor to raise awareness about the realities of graduate student life," he said. "We hope to open up dialogue about the excitement and challenges of pursuing an advanced degree."

The film was produced in partnership with Caltech and currently is screening at hundreds of institutions around the globe. Seating will be first come, first serve.

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