The online tour highlights one of OHIO's greatest assets, its beautiful campus, while sharing important facts about academic and social activities.

Graphic courtesy of: UCM

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OHIO launches etour

Interactive tour will bring Athens campus to anyone

On Tuesday, Ohio University announced the launch of the Ohio University etour.

The etour, built through collaboration between Undergraduate Admissions, University Communications and Marking (UCM), and the vendor, YourCampus360, will bring images and facts about the Athens campus to any place in the world.

The online tour highlights one of OHIO's greatest assets, its beautiful campus, while sharing important facts about academic and social activities.

"We know that students and their families absolutely fall in love with this campus when they visit, and we know that experiencing a campus is important to the college search, but not everyone can visit before they apply," said Candace Boeninger, assistant vice provost and director of Undergraduate Admissions. "The etour allows our audience to experience the beauty and richness of our campus at a distance, and the dynamic features of the tour allow prospective students to explore in depth those areas of campus that interest them most."

Craig Cornell, vice provost for enrollment management, echoed Boeninger, emphasizing that the etour is much more than pretty pictures of campus.

"I am particularly excited about the new online Athens campus tour as it will illustrate the quality of our academic programming and the beauty of our campus to prospective and current students that live locally, regionally or internationally," he said. "There is a special connection that prospective students and families make with Ohio University as a place that creates opportunities to extol the strength of our academic programs. The online tour expands access worldwide to the singular place that is Ohio University."

Because of its accessibility, the etour is positioned to become a useful tool for OHIO's growing international student population.

"I love that we have been able to translate the primary walking tour into Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish," said Boeninger. "The multi-language feature complements our efforts to expose international prospective students to the rich university experience that awaits them here."

The etour has much to offer prospective students, even those who have already taken a walking tour of the Athens campus. The etour gives students and their families a chance to see buildings and learn facts that are not often covered in the walking tour.

The etour features more than a series of images. It is an immersive and interactive way to experience the Athens campus with YouTube videos, panoramic images, and facts and history shared through a friendly narration.

"The technological tools of the etour give us the chance to showcase the excellent academic enterprise that happens on our campus by displaying some of our best facilities," said Boeninger. "We can’t always show those interior spaces on a traditional walking tour, but the etour allows us to highlight features such as the Innovation Center, the RTV studios and the nursing lab."

This is only the first iteration of the etour. Future updates have the potential for greater participation and collaboration across academic units and departments.

"The etour does an excellent job showing the best assets of Ohio University," said Boeninger. "Whether they have already seen the campus and are looking to refresh their memory, are preparing for a campus visit, or are on the other side of the world, the etour has something for everyone."