Russ Steve Riesbeck

Rebecca Miller photographs Research Grants Development Coordinator Steve Riesbeck

Photographer: Colleen Carow

Russ tag- board

A Russ College student pins his tag to the board

Photographer: Rebecca Miller

Russ Tag

Russ College student Ivan Caballero considers his tag

Photographer: Rebecca Miller

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Tagging yourself becomes work of art – and good – at the Russ College

Facebook users can tag themselves in photos, but the Fritz J. and Dolores H. Russ College of Engineering and Technology took it a step further — inviting students, faculty and staff to tag their portraits with how they create for good.

A gallery installation opened Jan. 14 in the Academic & Research Center (ARC) and a multimedia flipbook debuts to show off the results.

More than 200 Russ College students, faculty and staff participated in the college's "Tag Yourself" campaign during finals week to illustrate how engineering and technology study and research, and those who support and study these endeavors, can improve our world. Individuals filled out large inventory tags with how they make a difference, then had their portrait made, photo booth-style, with their tag. Tags were then pinned to large bulletin boards, showing off the collection of contributions.

"It was an opportunity to see the synergy of Russ College, where it's not just about the science but the people working behind the scenes to bring it all together," said Dammy Daramola, a post-doctoral research associate in the Center for Electrochemical Engineering Research.

Located in the ARC living room atrium and the connector hallway between the ARC and Stocker Center, the gallery features the tags suspended overhead, flutter in the moving air as students rush between classes in their new spring semester schedules. Large panels of portraits hang in front of the project hangar and along a wall backing a 19-foot window seat.

A series of posters also display select images.

Holding true to the Russ College's creative identity, "create for good," participants came up with statements ranging from practical, such as "safer roads and bridges," to the aspirational "cars that see." All of the tags share a common element – describing how students, professors, researchers and staff contribute to a better future and improve the human condition.

A multimedia flipbook of the images is available for viewing at Individuals wishing to download their portraits may do so via the Russ College's Facebook album at

Open to the public, the installation will be on view until Friday, Feb. 1.