This art piece inspired by Malinski's work is titled 'S2'

Photo courtesy of: Roi Doré Gallery

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Artists celebrate Malinski's nanomedicine work in Paris exhibit

Ohio University scientist Tadeusz Malinski has received numerous awards from the international science community for his development of nanosensors that can detect nitric oxide in the body, which has implications for understanding and treating ailments ranging from heart disease to stroke.

But last summer, the biochemist's work was honored by an entirely different group of admirers.

After Ohio University scientist Tadeusz Malinski gave a talk in Paris last year about his pioneering research in nanomedicine, the Roi Doré Gallery decided to host an art competition inspired by his work. They challenged artists around the globe to submit new pieces based on Malinski's scientific discoveries in medicine and their impacts on human health.
The result was the exhibit "10⁹ Nano Art," held in Paris in early June.

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