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Athens International Film + Video Festival gearing up for its 41st year

The 2014 Athens International Film + Video Festival is right around the corner, and comes into full swing April 11-17 at the Athena Cinema. Sure to be another success, the Athens Film Festival will once again host a multitude of movies—from foreign to domestic, comedy to documentary, experimental to traditional narratives—that will find the interest of all persons, no matter their age or inclinations.

This year, the festival received over 900 competition entry films, all of which were screened and sorted over previous months by staff members. Working with the College of Fine Arts Communications and Marketing Department to produce the film festival program guide, this year’s program guide will feature a dog on its cover, in its tradition of using animals for the film fest promotion. The festival has also developed categories out of the diverse films submitted in order to appeal to a wide array of audiences, such as films for the LGBT community, environmental films, family issue films, and more.

“It’s important to cross-fertilize,” says Ruth Bradley, creator and director of the Athens International Film + Video Festival. “We need to create categories for both general and unique groups.”

There’s plenty more to look forward to during this year’s film festival. Guest artists Ayoka Chenzira and HaJ (directors of “HERadventure”), Richard Myers (director of “Deathstyles” and “37-73”), Matthew Burtner (composer for “Deep Earth”) and Beth Stephens (director of “Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story”) will all give special presentations of their respective media.

The festival will also show a variety of awarded feature films such as “Ernest and Celestine” (2012), “In Bloom” (2013), “It’s All So Quiet” (2013), “Le Week-End” (2013), “Omar” (2013), “Particle Fever” (2013), “Something Necessary” (2013), “The Great Flood” (2012), “The Missing Picture” (2013), “Visitors” (2013), and the raucous, coming-of-age German film, “Wetlands” (2013).

The festival will have a table outside of Baker Center on Tuesday, April 8, and Wednesday, April 9, from noon to 4 p.m. If you care for any additional information about the film festival, please stop by to speak with the staff. Program booklets can be found in local Athens businesses as well as at the Athena Cinema lobby.

A full schedule is also posted online at the Athens International Film + Video Festival website at http://athensfilmfest.org/.

The Athens International Film + Video Festival can also be found on Facebook with photos and updates about the event. Click here to visit the Film Fest Facebook page. Make sure to follow the Film Fest on Twitter as well!