OHIO-themed string art-1

Ben Clos, Kaija Nealon and Zainab Kandeh, all members of this year’s Homecoming Court, create OHIO-themed string art during Tuesday’s “how-to” event at Baker University Center.

Photographer: Lauren Pond

OHIO-themed string art-2

Stevi Miller, Renee Dubuc and Katie Brodzeller work on their Ohio University-themed string art.

Photographer: Lauren Pond

OHIO-themed string art-3

Samantha O'Brien completes her OHIO-themed string art.

Photographer: Lauren Pond

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Bobcats celebrate Homecoming by making OHIO-themed art

Second Homecoming ‘how-to’ event scheduled for Thursday

Every Tuesday night, Ohio University’s Campus Involvement Center offers OHIO Bobcats an opportunity to learn a new skill during its “How-To Series.” This week’s “how-to” was designed with Homecoming in mind and gave Bobcats a chance to bond while creating OHIO keepsakes.

Dozens of Bobcats packed the “How to Make OHIO String Art” event held outside of the Baker University Center Theatre. Using only a board, some carefully placed nails and some green and white string, the students had the option of crafting two works of OHIO-themed art – a Bobcat paw print or the outline of the state of Ohio with a heart marking Athens’ location.

Bobcat Nation kicked off Homecoming Week on Monday, and Tuesday night’s “how-to” event was offered specifically to generate some Bobcat pride in the lead-up to Homecoming Weekend. By the time the event started, participants had already started working on all but two of the crafting boards available.

“This particular ‘how-to’ event is a real popular one that everyone likes to do and kind of already knows how to do, but never thinks about doing on their own time,” said Bridget Gibson, a programmer with the Campus Involvement Center.

Zainab Kandeh, an OHIO senior studying journalism and a member of this year’s Homecoming Court, attended Tuesday’s event after spotting string art in various locations on campus and around the city.

“I don’t know how to make string art, and I’ll see it in places like cafés and restaurants and always think, wow that’s so cool. So I came for the opportunity to try to get to make one,” Kandeh said.

For many, the activity served as an opportunity to release stress and take a break from their studies.

“It’s kind of a stress reliever,” said Toi Sanford, a Bobcat majoring in audio and post-production. “You get to use hammers and not be destructive, and you get to meet some new people and just kind of relax.”

The event was particularly special for OHIO seniors as it provided them with another opportunity to show their love for the University and a memorable keepsake to take with them on their future journeys.

“I feel like events like this are special because they’re all centered around home and kind of what makes OU, OU,” said Kandeh. “I think the most important thing that comes from it is a kind of community. In the end, you’re all making something that’s attached to being Bobcats and the love that you share for the University, and I think that’s great.”

The Campus Involvement Center hosts a “how-to” event every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Baker University Center Theatre Lounge.

“We come up with different ‘how-to’ things, like DIY,” explained Gibson. “These are things that are easy enough for students to do, but something they probably might not do on their own time. We provide all of the materials, and it’s all free.”

Activities featured in the “How-To Series” range from stress-relieving crafts to instructor-taught dance. On various occasions, professors from the University and individuals from out of town are welcomed in to help instruct the workshops.

“It’s a chance to do something that on a normal day you probably wouldn’t think of doing, or have the resources to do, or have the time to do, or a place to do it!” exclaimed Sanford.

For those who missed Tuesday’s event, never fear. The Campus Involvement Center has planned another “How to Make OHIO String Art” event, which will be held at 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 9, in the Baker University Center Honors Collegium as part of Deck Out Day.

More ‘how-to’ to come

Upcoming “how-do” events include:

Oct. 14 – “How to Blues Swing Dance”

Oct. 21 – “How to Make Mason Jar Soups”

Oct. 28 – “How to Detect the Paranormal”

Nov. 4 – “How to Make Soap”

For more information, visit http://www.ohio.edu/involvement/.