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Bobcats paddle their way through Campus Rec’s Valentine’s Day ‘Love Boat’

Love was in the air, or rather on the water, this past weekend as some Bobcats spent part of their Valentine’s evening immersed in Campus Recreation’s “Love Boat” event.

Held Feb. 14 at the Ohio University Aquatic Center, the “Love Boat” offered couples the opportunity to take a candle-lit “cruise” around the center’s Olympic-size pool.

“It’s a really different way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and with recreation,” explained Alex Rhue, student program manager at the Aquatic Center. “Whether or not you’re celebrating with friends or in a relationship, anyone can take part in it.”

Love boat-1

Approximately 40 people turned out for the “Love Boat,” which was held from 7 to 9 p.m. During the event, couples put their compatibility to the test by paddling their canoes around the pool.

Love boat-2

In addition to the candle-lit “cruise” around the pool, couples were provided sweet treats and an opportunity to capture the occasion at a photo booth. Some images captured in the photo booth are available on the Aquatic Center’s Facebook page.

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According to Rhue, Campus Rec hosted a similar event several years ago but decided to bring the “Love Boat” back for this year’s holiday.

“In general, we want to create alternative and affordable options for students to participate with Campus Recreation,” said Larrissa Keiser, assistant director of marketing and communications for Campus Rec. “This is different from the traditional way that students are involved with the Aquatic Center and Campus Recreation. It’s another opportunity for Campus Recreation to provide a unique and fun experience for students and the community.”

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Staff at Campus Recreation and the Aquatic Center pulled out all the stops to ensure that the “Love Boat” event was a special one for Bobcats celebrating Valentine’s Day – from the rose petals that lined the hallway leading to and from the pool, to the romantic lighting in the Aquatic Center, to the makeshift waterfall in the pool.

Love boat-5

Raven Byars and Michael Gibson share a moment on the bleachers at the Aquatic Center after participating in the "Love Boat" event.