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OHIO hosts annual International Women’s Day Festival (PHOTOS)

Ohio University celebrated International Women’s Day this past weekend with an afternoon of performances and presentations designed to highlight the past, present and future accomplishments of women worldwide.

The seventh annual International Women’s Day Festival was held from 2 to 6 p.m. Sunday, March 15, in the Baker University Center Ballroom and featured individuals from the OHIO and Athens communities. Sponsored by Ohio University’s Women’s Center, its Multicultural Center, the International Student Union, the Black Student Cultural Programming Board, and International Student and Faculty Services, this free event is only one of the ways in which OHIO celebrates Women’s History Month.

The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day is “Empowering Women, Empowering Humanity: Picture It!” Drawing upon that theme, here are some pictures that were captured during this year’s festival:

2015 IWDF-1

Ethnic dance performances are among the many highlights of OHIO’s International Women’s Day Festival. Among the ethnic performances featured at this year’s festival were Bolivian, Chinese and Middle Eastern dancing.

2015 IWDF-2

Ohio University student Angelina Sakharovyska reads two poems in English and one in Russian by Russian poet Sophia Parnok, one of the first women to reflect on lesbianism in such a public forum.

2015 IWDF-3

Members of the Chinese Learners Association perform during the seventh annual International Women's Day Festival.

2015 IWDF-4

Members of Anointed Ministries conclude the performances at the International Women's Day Festival. Anointed Ministries is a spiritual and social group for growth, bridging the gap between ethnicities and denominations in a Christian context.

2015 IWDF-5

Members of Ohio University’s Indonesian Student Association, PERMIAS, practiced for months before the International Women's Day Festival in order to master the intricate and precise style of their dance. The unison of their movements was accompanied by live performed song.

2015 IWDF-6

The unique outfits of Athens High School student Rebecca Stretton were showcased during one of two fashion shows at the International Women's Day Festival. The second fashion show exhibited women from history.

2015 IWDF-7

Ohio University student Emma Nappi presents and reflects on her experiences with eating disorders as a way to empower other women to seek help if they need it, but also with a universal message that all women are beautiful and should take time out of their day to remind one another.

2015 IWDF-8

Dyah Arin Hening leads the audience at this year’s International Women’s Day Festival in an Indonesian dance.