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Fall tobacco cessation classes will begin for OHIO employees and students

This fall 2015 semester marks the first academic semester on the Athens Campus with the new tobacco-free policy under way. The policy went into effect Aug. 1, based on the recommendation of the Ohio Board of Regents and is a major wellness initiative for the University. OHIO continues to show support for those interested in quitting their tobacco use with upcoming tobacco cessation classes this fall. 

Tobacco cessation classes for both students and employees are based on the American Cancer Society’s FreshStart curriculum. Classes meet for four weeks for an hour each week and cover many different topics, including motivation, quitting strategies (including nicotine replacement therapy and identifying a support team), selecting a quit day and recovering from slips. Participants typically pick a quit day at the end of the course or soon thereafter, after identifying the strategies and support that will help them succeed. 

For employees, there are two opportunities to take a class this fall. Classes are facilitated by Cathy Lee, tobacco-free campus coordinator. The first class, held on Wednesdays at noon, begins Sept. 2 in Baker 226 and takes place in Baker 341 the next three Wednesdays. The second class is set to take place on Thursdays at noon in Baker 226 starting Oct. 15 and ending Nov. 5. Employees seeking tobacco cessation support who would like to request a class at a different time should contact Cathy Lee at leec2@ohio.edu. Other class times may be offered based on interest. 

“This class was very instrumental in my journey to becoming tobacco free,” said an employee who recently completed the tobacco cessation class in May. “The exercises, the information, and the goal setting proved to be the most helpful. Writing down ideas, feelings, and reasons against tobacco use along with being held accountable for what was written was paramount. Thank you to Cathy for being a great coach and for offering the class. Many will benefit as I have.”  

This participant has been successfully tobacco free for 84 days since completing the course. 
Ohio University employees  receive 100 percent coverage of up to six months of nicotine replacement therapy through employee benefits. More details about this cessation support are available on the tobacco-free webpage at www.ohio.edu/tobacco-free under cessation resources.  

Ohio University students who are ready to quit tobacco use also have two opportunities to take a tobacco cessation class this fall. Student classes are facilitated by Ann Addington, assistant director of health promotion in the Campus Involvement Center. The first class meets Mondays from 4 to 5 p.m. in Baker 341 starting Sept. 14 and concludes Oct. 5. The second class meets on Thursdays from 5 to 6 p.m. in Baker 230 starting Oct. 15 and concluding Nov. 5. For more information, students can email Ann Addington at addingto@ohio.edu.

Transitioning to a tobacco-free campus requires the cooperation of the entire University community, smokers and nonsmokers alike. If you know of a colleague or student who may be thinking of quitting, please encourage them to try out a class or talk to their doctor about prescription or over the counter nicotine replacement therapy options for quitting. Your support will make a difference. Together, we can become a healthier campus. 

This article was provided by Ohio University’s Tobacco-Free Task Force.