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Nikki and Chase Worcester are believed to be the first brother and sister duo to ever serve together on the OHIO Cheerleading Team.

Photographer: Emily Matthews

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Nikki and Chase Worcester show off their Bobcat Pride at OHIO’s Oct. 10 Homecoming football game.

Photographer: Emily Matthews

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Brother, sister show off Bobcat Pride on OHIO Cheerleading Team (VIDEO)

A pair of Ohio University students is taking the concepts of Bobcat Family and Bobcat Pride to a whole new level.

Nikki and Chase Worcester are believed to be the first brother and sister duo to ever serve together on the OHIO Cheerleading Team. 

“It’s so incredible to have my sister, who is also my best friend, not only at the same school as me but doing everything with me,” Chase Worcester said. “A lot of siblings split up when they go to college, but being able to share this experience makes everything so much more fun.”

A junior majoring in integrated media in the Scripps College of Communication’s School of Media Arts and Studies, Chase joined the OHIO Cheerleading Team during his first year at Ohio University. This past summer, his younger sister, Nikki Worcester, was one of four first-year students selected for the squad. 

While Nikki is following in the footsteps of her brother on the OHIO Cheerleading Team, it was his sister that inspired Chase to venture into the world of cheerleading.

Growing up in Avon Lake, Ohio, Chase spent a significant amount of time around cheerleading. His sister began learning the aspects of cheerleading around the age of 4 and spent the next 13 years participating in national and international cheerleading competitions. In a show of sibling support, Chase accompanied Nikki during many of those competitions and began noticing how physically and personally challenging and rewarding the sport was for both women and men.

“I wish people understood that cheerleading is a lot harder than it looks,” said Chase. “It takes a lot of time and energy, and it’s definitely a sport.”

With Nikki’s help, Chase started learning how to do backflips and, after observing how much fun his sister was having and wanting to get involved himself, found a true passion for the sport of cheerleading. As he prepared to transition from high school to Ohio University, Nikki encouraged Chase to try out for the OHIO Cheerleading Team. Chase made the team and last year was voted co-captain of the squad by his teammates.

While Chase can credit his sister with steering him toward cheerleading, Nikki credits her brother with leading her to Ohio University. 

Nikki had planned on going to a Big 10 school to cheerlead, but after visiting her brother at Ohio University during his first two years of study, she fell in love with the Athens Campus and the cheerleading squad she now calls family. 

“Since Chase was here two years before me, I would always come down and visit and I hated leaving,” Nikki said. “Every time I was here I just wanted to stay longer, and I started considering OU my home.”

Deciding to become a Bobcat was a particularly special moment for Nikki as it meant she would also be following in the footsteps on her mother, Barb Worcester, a 1983 OHIO graduate. Being a Bobcat is definitely something to be proud of in the Worcester family, and cheerleading has made it possible for Chase and Nikki to have a unique experience at Ohio University.

“I’m very happy with my choice,” said Nikki, a chemistry/pre-med major in OHIO’s College of Arts and Sciences. “The campus is beautiful, and Bobcats are just wonderful people.”

And, while some people wouldn’t exactly dream of going to college with their sibling, it works well for Chase and Nikki because of how supportive they are of each other.

“I was so nervous for the first game, and he just walked out right beside me and told me to have fun with it,” Nikki said. “Having him here takes the edge off of a lot things.” 

Having fun at OHIO sports games is one of Chase and Nikki’s favorite things about being a Bobcat. They both love the energy of the students.

“I love the campus, the people, my classes and professors; I love everything here,” said Chase. “But my favorite thing about being a Bobcat is that everyone has such a sense of pride in their school. There’s such a positive energy toward our school, and I love that.”