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Facilities Management and Safety recognizes four June Employees of the Month

Ohio University Facilities Management and Safety has announced the June 2019 awardees of its Employee of the Month program, which recognizes exceptional performance by its employees.

All OHIO employees are invited to nominate FMS employees for this award using the nomination form on the FMS website. Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year. 

This month’s winners are: Steve Andrews, Jack Fulton, Roger Milstead and B Zimmerman.

Steve Andrews

Stephen Wood, chief facilities officer in Facilities Management, presents Steve Andrews with his June award.

Andrews, an air quality tech II in the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Shop, was nominated by an award-record 11 people: Glen Anderson, Tina Brown, Lynee Dunn, Neil Fowler, Cindy Grubb, Patrick Johnson, Charles McClain, Emily Pierce, Michael Simpson, Shaun Thacker and Chris Thompson. Here's a sampling of what Andrews' nominators said about him.

  • "He's a top quality employee who is an awesome go-getter," Anderson said.
  • "He showed me how to do my job and was pleasant to work with. He's got a true work ethic and that Bobcat spirit," Brown said.
  • "He's just a good guy who works hard for the University. He is always happy to be at work and is friendly to everyone," Dunn said.
  • "Steve has decades of experience in AC work and has served the University reliably for over 30 years. He works hard to get things done as thoroughly as circumstances will allow," Fowler said.
  • "Steve is a hard worker who is kind to the students and attends to their requests in a timely fashion. He is very knowledgeable about window units and is an asset because of his vast experience," Grubb said.
  • "Steve is a team player who is always willing to share his vast knowledge," Johnson said.
  • "He has 36 years of dedication to a job he loves and is the most knowledgeable in the shop," McClain said.
  • "Steve always goes above and beyond and takes extra time to train incoming talent," Pierce said.
  • "He has a great attitude, is extremely positive and gets work done in a quick and timely manner," Simpson said.
  • "He does a great job and is a hard worker with a great attitude," Thacker said.
  • "Everybody loves his positivity," Thompson said.


A closer look at Steve Andrews:

What do you do in your spare time? Relax.

Bucket list item? Retirement.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Retired and enjoying life.

Jack Fulton

Stephen Wood, chief facilities officer in Facilities Management, presents Jack Fulton with his June award.

Fulton, a manager in the Electric and Life Safety Shop, was nominated by his co-worker Rick Riley, who called him "awesome."

“With his workload, Jack does an outstanding job. His work habits and knowledge is unreal,” Riley said.


A closer look at Jack Fulton:

What is your role? I oversee and support my teams to ensure that we give the best customer service.

What is your family like? They are very supportive.

What do you like about your job? The daily challenge and knowing the work you do is appreciated at all levels. I also like having a great support system within all my shops.

What do you do in your spare time? Spend time with the family, camping, hunting and fishing.

Bucket list item? Fulfilling my wife's bucket list.

How has OHIO helped you in your career development? It pushed me to learn more trades and become a team player with all trades.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Working with my teams to keep University equipment safe and running.

What advice do you have for prospective OHIO candidates? Good communication skills are key.

Roger Milstead

Stephen Wood, chief facilities officer in Facilities Management, presents Roger Milstead with his June award.

Milstead, a sheet metal worker in the Sheetmetal Shop, was nominated by Jeff McGlamery, assistant director of building trades. He said Milstead is a superior performer in all that he undertakes and leads his team with an emphasis on quality workmanship and "getting the job done right the first time."

“Roger is a meticulous craftsman who consistently produces superior results. A true artist with metal work, his skills have shined with the Claire Ping Cottage cupola copper work and fabrication of the long-missed Bobcat weathervane.” McGlamery said. “A committed team-oriented leader, his ability to work with other shops has aided in the outstanding success of the Bingham Cottage roof project, the Jennings House revitalization and the 35 Park Place porch project.”

McGlamery said Milstead is always willing to lend a hand no matter the task.

"One will be hard pressed to find a more willing, dedicated and pleasant co-worker," McGlamery said. "His contagious, positive attitude is displayed no matter if the team is cleaning gutters at Cutler Hall or initiating emergency repairs to the Softball Field's outfield fence. He is a true professional and an invaluable asset to FMS."


A closer look at Roger Milstead:

What is your family like? I have been married to my wife, Misty, for 24 years and we have four daughters. Isabella and Willow are our born to us kids, while Sarah and Michelle are adopted. We also have a yorkie and a cat.

What do you like about your job? I like the people in my shop and the other shops and I appreciate that management is a supporter of the work we do. I enjoy making things from scratch and working here affords me that opportunity.

What do you do in your spare time? I go to car shows and my wife likes it when I bring Pinterest projects to life.

Bucket list item? See the Isle of Mann Motorcycle Race.

B Zimmerman

Stephen Wood, chief facilities officer in Facilities Management, presents B Zimmerman with her June award.

Zimmerman, a third-shift custodial worker, was nominated by Chris Berry who describes her as an outstanding worker who consistently works beyond expectations.

“She is passionate about her area and strives to keep it looking the best she can make it,” Berry said. “She proactively plans for upcoming breaks and has her tasks ready to go in advance of those breaks. She shows up for work on time every day and when she is off, the staff notices. She is very organized and plans her time out accordingly to make sure she completes all of her routine and extra tasks nightly. She is an asset to Facilities Management and works diligently to provide an outstanding work area in Bentley Hall.”

A closer look at B Zimmerman:

What is your family like: I come from a long line of union carpenters and farmers.

What do you like about your job? Taking care of Bentley Hall and the students, because they are why we are here. I also like being in a union.

What do you do in your spare time? Reading, gardening and running the back roads in my 4x4 Chevy.

Bucket list item? Traveling.

How has OHIO helped you in your career development? It has helped guide me in a lifetime career.

Where do you see yourself in five years? Still working in Bentley Hall.

What advice do you have for OHIO candidates? Work hard and take pride in your work.