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Writing & Math Center

If you need help with a paper or with your math skills, come to the Writing & Math Center in the OUE Learning Commons.  


If you need help in another academic area, contact Student Services to arrange for a tutor -- it's free!

Writing & Math Lab

Whether you are searching for a way to get started . . .
Only have a few words down . . .
Are ready to write a draft . . .
Or need help fine tuning your citations . . .
The OUE Writing Center is waiting to help.


Should you need help with factors . . .
Find it hard to take derivatives . . .
Want to know the difference between a sine and a cosine . . .
Or think you just can't crunch numbers . . .
The OUE Math Center can get you headed in the right direction.


Hoping to see you soon.

Math Tutoring

Fall Semester 2019-2020 Hours:

  • TBA


Managerial Accounting, Financial Accounting, & Corporate Finance Tutoring

  • Financial Accounting – SAM and ACCT 1010
  • Managerial Accounting -- ACCT 1020
  • Corporate Finance – SAM 3100


Fall Semester 2019-20 Hours:

  • TBA
  • Shannon 332E
  • Also available by appointment, contact TBA
  • Tutoring during Final Exams Week is by appointment.
Writing Center

Writing CenterWould better grades help you out? If you are even thinking about saying yes to this question, then keep reading. The Writing Center at OUE can help you out with most any Writing or Lang. Arts assignment, at any stage of the writing/ learning process. The Writing Center is free and open to all undergraduate and graduate students here at OUE. It is open 4 days a week and is located in the OUE Library.
Here are 12 reasons why you may want to come to the Writing Center:

  1. Writing assignment – no clue what to do
  2. Writing assignment – only have topic
  3. Writing assignment – have topic & some ideas but nothing written down
  4. Writing assignment – have some ideas written down but not enough and not organized
  5. Writing assignment – have a rough, rough draft but needs work
  6. Writing assignment – have rough draft but needs improvement
  7. Writing assignment – draft needs final proofing and editing
  8. Language Arts – need to better understanding the assigned reading and/or assignment
  9. Language Arts – need prep. study for a test
  10. Language Arts – need to prepare for a speech
  11. Praxis test – need to prepare for taking test
  12. Other


(The Writing Center can help you with any of the above!)


Fall Semester 2019-20 Hours

  • Monday & Wednesday: 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Tuesday & Thursday: 9:30 am - 10:30 am


Sign-up for an appointment on the sign-up sheet beside the Xerox machine in the library, or contact the Writing Center Coordinator, Dr. Matt Holman.