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Student Grievances

Any student who feels his or her instructor is not performing their duties professionally, or that the student has been treated unfairly may report this information to the Faculty Chair.

Possible concerns could include harassment, grading policies, failure of the instructor to comply with the syllabus, excessive absences or tardiness by the instructor, or any issue the student feels needs to be discussed. Ideally the student should discuss the situation with the instructor first. However, if the student does not feel comfortable talking to the instructor, or is not satisfied with the response of the instructor, they may go directly to the Faculty Chair. The faculty chair will then discuss the situation with the student, and with the instructor, to see if a mutually satisfactory solution can be found. Should that not be possible, the Chair will inform the student of other steps that can or will be taken consistent with the Student and Faculty Handbooks. Should there be concerns about the Chair's handling of the situation, the student may discuss the situation with the Campus Dean.

A student who wishes to contest a grade after speaking to the instructor should file a formal grievance with the Faculty Chairperson within 2 weeks of grade distribution, if possible.


Faculty/Student Obligations & Expectations